Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday Purchases

After twenty six years, people have finally come to grips with the fact that all I need for my birthday is money. "Can I buy you something horsey?" No. I will by myself something horsey, thank you. The only exception is my Aunt Carrie who sends me an Amazon gift card instead, but it usually funds horsey books. So here is what I blew some cash on this year:

A five point breastplate. Fancy looking, but also totally needed for holding Bobby's saddle firmly in place for all our trail riding and to make me be all, "Wow, you look like an eventer. I should event again." Or something. Sounds legit, right?

Black standing wraps. I've lent mine out through the years. My red set is down to two wraps, one of which is severely chewed up. My navy set is down to three, one of which is missing the velcro.

A hackamore to eventually jump in, but mostly to make trail riding totes rustic.

A black ear net so we can all stop mocking Buttercup Head.

White full seat breeches. I noticed my beige show breeches mysteriously acquired two vampire-like holes in the thigh of one leg, so I took this opportunity to replace them with real dressage breeches.

Another Dapplebay shirt. I need them all!

I also made a grown up decision and went to Old Navy to get a few grown up people summer clothes. Some of you may recall that Old Navy is the only place I can buy clothes, and I was super excited that their summer clothes fit me, too. Yay for weird body proportions! I even managed to buy my first pair of non-Levis since I was about 13 years old. What. They're my first pair of skinny jeans. I am such a hipster.

The dogs also got owner-specific NFL dog collars, but I think that negates the hipster vibe and sends me into some sort of sporty nerd area. I am all the things.


  1. Happy Birthday Carly! My coworkers figured out to just give me cash one year too. Great purchases.

  2. Happy Birthday! Good haul. I hope buttercup head doesn't disappear completely, though.,

  3. Happy Birthday! I think its funny but really money or appropriate gift cards (if u give me a walmart giftcard then my grocery money goes to horsey stuff) is way more personal then something I don't want :)

  4. What a great haul - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Hope you had a great day! :)

  5. Happy birthday! And I totally think that the five-point breastplate makes every horse look like they are training for Rolex. Which is awesome.

  6. Woo Hoo on your Birthday loot!!

    Happy Birthday Bobby... er I mean Carly :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I demand model shots of the new gear.

  8. Happy bday!! Love the breastplate...sexy.

  9. Yay for shopping for cool horse things. Happy Birthday! You are indeed all the things. =D

  10. I feel like happy birthdays are in order :) Also, sounds like you managed to get a fair bit of birthday cash- that's quite the haul!!!


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