Friday, June 28, 2013

Patience, Kemosabe.

Or should I say, "Patience, Lumpy Head"?

do you see his lumpy head?

it's his unicorn horn trying to poke through.

A few weeks ago, Bobby came in with a large lump on his head. It's hard, he's not concerned with it being prodded or pushed on, and it hasn't gotten any bigger or smaller. Red got a similar lump when whacking his head inside a horse trailer (He was such a diva.), so maybe Bobby is just trying to emulate him. I wish he wouldn't though. He's not exactly the most attractive creature as it is.

Today was another really good dressage ride. I don't have much exciting to write, but I feel obligated to record the good days along with the bad since the good days don't usually happen concurrently.

I warmed Robert up with a loose rein at the w/t/c and focused on keeping him rhythmical with half halts. Picked up the contact and went on a circle to do multiple, quick w/t transitions. I'm so happy he's decided to be a grown up about these as they really help him sit back and settle into the contact much easier.

We did some trot lengthenings again and I made myself really get after him to stay round and on the bit and not let myself drop him on his forehand. Once I took the time to do that before letting him lengthen, all I had to do was soften my reins a fraction and close my legs a fraction and he absolutely cruised. So big, and so bouncy--the best he's done yet.

I'll see if I can drag poor Hubby out on Sunday to get some video. And the farrier won't be able to make it out until sometime next week. I'm not even concerned so much about getting a reset a day or two before a  show, I'm more concerned that we're stuck doing dressage in the indoor. Not a great prep for, according to Bobby, The Scariest Place on Earth. Hopefully NF will be out Monday instead of Friday.

Also, because I know you guys already think I'm bat shit crazy, this is totally the song that goes through Bobby's head whenever he looks at the love of his life, Tasha:


  1. I love this song on the radio, but I'd never watched the video...strange;)

  2. On a totally unrealted horse note...I think I'm in love with Robin Thicke. Even before that song came out on radio...I have so many songs of his on my computer...he has an angel voice

  3. LOVE this song! Think it would make a great freestyle dressage...maybe just the instrumental version though :)

    1. Right?! I thought the same thing!

  4. Lol. Oh Bobby, Y U Try to B Unicorn?

    1. LMAO! Took the words right out of my mouth!


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