Sunday, June 30, 2013

Enough with the dressage!

I'm starting to get that antsy feeling hearing about other people showing. Why aren't we showing? Why are we once again going backwards instead of forwards?

Dear Bobby,

I know that at home the work is really starting to come together, but he's not the same horse at shows this year, and my attempts at getting him out more keep getting foiled. After this little show on the 7th, we won't be showing again for over a month, and I'll be on vacation for a week of that.

It's fucking with my head, bro.

Now we're all sick of reading about repetitious dressage rides (and I'm sick of doing them), so here's some truly fascinating video from today.

Trotting left:

Trotting and cantering right:

Bobby was actually quite a prick today. He was all about pulling and not listening to my outside leg again, to the point where he rammed me into a pair of standards hanging off the wall and sent them crashing to the ground via my leg. He got whacked on the ass for that because I was actively asking him to move over. Then I made him side pass across the entire arena.

bobby: oh my GOD, this is horrible!
me: shut up. i'm being a monkey. (?? srsly. my face?)
That was followed by the woman getting a private that I was riding with and myself having to deal with this small demon child on a pony that was careening about the arena like a fucking lunatic. Now I don't condone the abuse of small children, but fuck if I didn't want to crack this girl across her legs with my dressage whip every time she went by me--which was often. She almost ran head-on into my at least three times (which is truly amazing since we were going the same direction) and was so far up the ass of the lesson-er on her green horse while cantering that if I had been J, I would have brake checked her with my horse.

Oooooh, I fucking hate spoiled fucking little snots.


  1. I did that once on Carlos. Girl riding a greenie up my butt and I halted Carlos so she would run up and he'd backfire. Taught them a lesson for sure.

  2. Lol, nothing like an 'Ooops' teaching moment ;)

  3. Super frustrating when kids aren't being safe while they are being annoying.

  4. I hope you begin to make progress with Bobby(without little kids being annoying)

  5. How annoying. I wish instructors would say something to their students.

  6. Nice videos! He is so handsome. And I adore your bell boots ;).

  7. Why was her coach not telling her to stay away from you? Annoying!

  8. Bobby looks FAB!! Your face just gave me a good laugh at work- thanks I needed that!

    Oh how I love people who are incompetent at riding with others... seriously go ride else where, some people are trying to ride and get things done!

  9. With any luck, the pony will get sick of the kid and teach her a lesson all on its own. Ponies are great for that sort of thing.

  10. Uhm yeah do the whip thing "on accident" next time.


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