Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pony Love

First off, I need this:

can i get an amen?
Secondly, I went to the barn today because I remembered that I had to drop off Mr Magee's Smartpak. I reworked his supplements after much debating and playing on Smartpak's website. He was previously on SmartHoof and U-Gard. He was on the SmartHoof for a year and a half and I didn't see enough change (or really any change) to justify keeping it on my order. I pay New Farrier a lot of money and I trust what he's doing with Bobby's feet, so unless he tells me he needs to go back on something, no more hoof supp. The U-Gard was a cheap transition supp when Bobby finished his omeprazole. I've had two different horses on it before--one showed a difference, the other didn't. I don't think it really did much for Bobby. His new Smartpak is Recovery EQ (thank you, Tori!) and Cool Calories 100. I'm hoping this helps with the stifle issues and covering the last bit of ribs that won't go away.

I took Bobby out to the crossties where he could gaze at the love of his life, Tasha. Tasha is an OTTB whose mom L does hunters and dressage. She lives across from Bobby, but she goes out during the day so he only sees her when she's in to be ridden. As if that matters. When you look like this, all you need is a glimpse:

L and Tasha headed down to the arena as I groped Bobby's LH. His heel looks a touch bruised, but he seemed less reactive to me jabbing it with a hoof pick than he did on Tuesday. I threw on my dressage tack and decided on a ride in the deep, soft footing of the indoor.

Bobby was a pill. Warmed up at the walk on a loose rein. No problem as long as we were just going around the rail. I brought him down the centerline to stay out of L's way and do a turn on the forehand. Oh my gosh, turn? On the forehand? Begin the dramatics. I sat there with a loose leg and my reins in a big loop as Bobby backed, spun, jetted forward, spun again, and just made a general ass out of himself. I ended up just wanting him to walk forward down the centerline, but that would involve getting back over there as we were now pressed against the rail. He would have none of it until Tasha walked calmly by us--and then he walked straight down with his neck arched. For real, Bobby? She's not even in heat!

L and I joked that he was showing off for his lady friend. Bobby will stare into Tasha's empty stall when he's on the crossties and he routinely licks the blankets hanging off her stall. But as L pointed out, she's not even nice to him. She pins her ears if she's in there and just makes mean faces at him.

"i love you, tasha. i love everything about you."
We did very little trot work, keeping mostly to the walk. He would have an occasional "OMG, I MUST GO SIDEWAYS. OMG, I MUST GO BACKWARDS. OMG, LOOK AT THIS LEVADE, TASHA!!" but he mostly behaved himself as long as I asked him to do nothing. I did get some amazing canter out of him. Super uphill, super packaged, super powerful. Of course, it was only because he was dying to be naughty, but I stepped up and rode well and used it to my advantage.

Tasha left us and I made Bobby go through Novice A. He started off very tense, but settled into it and put in a nice test. I let him end there since we'd done more cantering than I'd planned on, but we worked ninety percent at the walk with very little trotting.

starving barn kitties. you can tell they're never, ever fed.
"hey, i'm starving, too."
I painted Bobby's soles with venice turpentine which won't do anything for his heels, but I had it on hand and felt like I should do something. Then I gave his bell boots another puff of chili powder. Those bad boys have hung in there so far! Holla!

a little more rib coverage and he'll be a boss.
Tomorrow off, and I hope like hell I won't be able to get out this weekend because I'll be busy moving. If we're not busy moving, I might just be having a full blown anxiety attack. No bigs.


  1. Hahaha what is it about ponies and their unrequited love that makes me giggle with glee!

  2. Now my OTTB is on the other end of the unrequited love. Twinkie is absolutely in love with X. He wants nothing to do with her. Occasionally I'll turn them out together in the indoor just to torture X a little.

  3. Hehehe I love herd drama. Better than TV! That zebra outfit is just too funny

  4. Zebra sheet rocks!

    My guy survived electric tape shocks and getting his ass kicked repeatedly by the boss mare to get next to his one and only. Can't explain love... ;D

  5. I'm happy the chili powder worked. I'll keep that in mind. lol

  6. The zebra sheet is so awesome. Thankfully Houston hasn't fallen in love with a mare yet. He does have a bromance going on but luckily the pony I'm question has been moved to another barn forcing Houston to survive without him... Horses.

  7. I might also be in love with Tasha. So purdy.

    Do you think we could get a group rate on the zebra suit if we all get one?

  8. Don't be embarrassed by Bobby's spring fever. My 23yo Hanoverian dropped his goods and was nickering to a quarter horse mare the other day while I was riding! It just so happens the next day my boy's turnout group had gone through the outdoor ring's fence that is between their paddock and her's.... my boy knows at 17.2hh he can go through fences and over the summer was the only one to jump the same fence and was hanging out at her fence line. That's my boy of 13 years! He's lucky he's the barn favorite....

    p.s my SO saw that fly sheet and decided my boy must have it ASAP until he saw the price and i told him he already has two fly sheets that he doesn't wear. ;)

  9. Pony love is often misunderstood, so says Bobby.

  10. I am in love with that zebra sheet!!! Want ALL the black and white things!


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