Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh, hey...I have a horse!

Ho-ly. Who knew a sixteen year old Saturn was such a hot commodity? My mom just bought a brand new car so she offered me her old car instead of trading it in. Since my dear gold Saturn really felt like it was about to take its last breath--that is, when it would take a breath at all--I was all over that. I'm flying out to IL Saturday and driving it back Sunday. To recoup the travel fees (though I will say my plane ticket was only $140. What.) and to not have a third car parked in the driveway, I put the Saturn up for sale this past Sunday thinking it would take at least the week to sell. I wanted to just junk the stupid thing, but Hubby was all, "Nooo, someone will pay something for it."

In just two hours, we'd had a dozen calls and half a dozen emails on it. In three hours, it was sold for our asking price. So, while the cash was nice, it means that all this week I have no car. That is not so nice.

To keep some of my sanity, I have been buying things. As noted by the name of this blog, I don't often buy things because I'm usually like, "Hm. How do we pay the electric this month?" But March is the one time of the year that money flows and I've been trying to stock up on the few things I actually need for my pony while convincing Hubby that some of my wants should be included too.

First thing was a pair of paddock boots as my last pair look like this:

Next up was the legal version of Bobby's dressage bit:
I'm also going to buy another pair of my favorite horse boots (these babies), but I'm first going to see if they have them at the tack store in IL before buying them online. A new vest to match my new colors is also on the list, but I'm not sure when I'll be ordering that. And then Bobby and I finally registered ourselves with the USEA. Recognized events, here we come!

Hardly tack ho-ing compared to some of you crazies, but it was crazy for me.

Now for Pony Pants!

last week, visiting his brother.
I made Hubby leave work early yesterday to take me to the barn before our tax appointment. I can only take the dogs on so many walks before I'm ready to blow the house up so I don't have to go back in it. Being stranded sucks.

I had an hour to get Bobby out of his paddock, groom, tack up, ride, untack, and turn him back out. He was too adorbs in the paddock. He was standing at the gate with Silver since Ranger and Spyder were in for lessons and as soon as I went in, he dropped his giant T-Rex head into my arms for a hug and face rub. Aww, Bobby likes me!

I fed him half a bag of carrots while attempting to make him look at least a little clean. Four days to himself to roll in the mud made for a very dirty pony. I speed tacked after doing a happy dance that the farrier will be out today to do his disgusting looking feet (Spring is coming. Bobby's feet are growing like they're on 'roids.), and we headed down to the arena.

For a fifteen minute ride, he was a good boy. He thought the poles stacked in the back of the arena might try to eat him, but once T started pulling them out, he felt assured they would eat her first and ignored them. We did basic w/t/c each way, a few leg yields, some shoulder-in at the walk, and called it quits. Sad face.

He got fed the rest of his carrots and a few peppermints, and I left BM with instructions to give him extra snuggles for the rest of the week. I won't see him again until Monday! This is sad face times ten because it's supposed to be in the mid-fifties and sunny this weekend. Hopefully I can get someone to change out his blanket for his sheet tomorrow. At least one of us should be able to enjoy the nice weather.

also last week, visiting with sunny's hunky fellow palomino romeo.


  1. I had a gold Saturn once too! I sold it almost overnight when I moved to the city (and in the rain/dark -- great time to sell a used car) for way more money than I thought I could get! Hooray for new things!

  2. Please tell me you are ordering a pink vest and pink boots...

    1. Hubby put the kibosh on the pink boots when I showed him yesterday. I think they'd clash with the pink breeches, vest, and helmet. Sigh. One can dream. If nothing else, I could just wear them around the house.

    2. Why do they become such buzz kills sometimes? I personally see nothing wrong with being dressed head to toe in pink. *says the girl wearing head to toe black today* When we were getting ready to head out west to go trail riding I found a pair of awesome pink chaps and was super excited about them...Hubby stomped that idea to the ground...Said he didn't want to be seen with a rodeo queen out on the trails...huh?!

  3. Congrats on making the sale - best of luck with the new-to-you set of wheels.
    Love the photos of Bobby and am glad he was such a good boy for your visit this week!

  4. Yay new pony toys!! I'm getting some this weekend (I hope) and it will be my first tack purchase this year. SOOOOO EXCITED.

  5. New car and horse pretties - can't get better than that! Henry looks adorable as always :)

  6. Yay on getting a "new" car and selling the old one!

    Also yay new stuff for their horseQ!

  7. I have an old Saturn too, 160k+ miles and it still runs like a charm. Might not be the most attractive but they are great cars. Congrats on your new ride!

  8. Glad you got a new (kinda free) car!! That is awesome. Wow, that was a speedy horse visit...1 hour start to finish is tough, but I sometimes have to do it too. Your tack whoreishness sounds like me. Lots of daydreaming with the dreaded guilt feeling involved. Good job for letting yourself get some new stuff.

  9. I'm glad i'm not the only one who has dead paddock boots. Congrats on the car - hopefully it runs for 16 years aswell (p.s. that's really impressive).

  10. Glad you got to get some new stuff! I haven't been able to tack-ho at all lately, but hearing other people do so satisfies my itch to spend :)

  11. I love horsey shopping!! Yay for a new car!

  12. My first real car was traded in at 263,000 miles, we have a Volvo that has 234,000 and stopped counting... a year ago, and my Jeep just hit 232,000. If only they could keep making vehicles the way they used to. At least the ponies don't change :)


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