Wednesday, March 20, 2013


With the stress of things going on at home, I've kind of felt like having a cry all day long. What better way to allieviate sadness and anxiety than a trip to see pony pants, right? I timed it so that I would get there well after BO's lesson ended so I wouldn't have to work around anyone in the arena. I pulled in and dragged out a bunch of poles and standards to set up a warm up ring jump game--an X, an oxer, and a vertical across the middle of the ring. Super fun and super useful to practice in the small indoor since there's usually less space at shows than what we have at home with how many horses and riders end up crowding the jumps.

handsome mug. doesn't happen often.
I grabbed my freshly washed polos and mended gloves and headed up to the barn. I grabbed a couple of peppermints out of my locker, put them in my pocket, and was about to open Bobby's door when I noticed a note taped to his stall. "Bobby is missing both front shoes. Leave in."


Dear March,

You officially suck way fucking more than February. Fuck you.


Nothing like the first day of Spring to have your horses shoes sucked off by mud--which is almost unfair to say because my barn has amazing pasture management and the only mud in Bobby's massive field is right by the gate and run-in. But you get rain and then snow and then sun and then more snow and then more rain and the ground is just a fucking disaster no matter what you do.

So instead of a fun jump ride, I stuck Bobby on the crossties and removed a Pomerarian-sized ball of hair from his body before making him pose for pictures.

bobby in december, coming back into work after vacation.
bobby today.
I know no one else will be excited about this, but his tail is now officially past his hocks. YAY!

"i can haz the cookies now, yes?"
Then I came home and almost punched someone in the face, but refrained. Not a fucking awesome day by any means, but things could certainly be worse.


  1. Holy shit he looks amazing by comparison! And he's not even making his signature Derp faces:) Hope things improve on the home front. Pony time is always > anything else.

  2. YAY TAIL!!!! I'm lucky that Cuna's is long, because it's super thin and doesn't really grow. Boo.

    Both shoes in one day? So sad. Hope things at home improve.

  3. I had shoes put on, Fiction lost them both the next day, farrier decided to drop me from his rounds. Boom - 90 dollars down the drain. I feel your pain ><;

    Aside from that - this is the winter that will never end! I hope things start to brighten in your future :)

  4. Sorry about the crap at home. Bobby looks fantastic though!

  5. *big hugs* hopefully all the stress and suckiness subsides.

  6. Mud? what the hell is mud? Oh that is the stuff that happens when snow melts into the ground right? Yeah that isn't going to happen any time soon for me. But I think I will be seeing some in mid August when our 9ft snow drifts here finally melt. Ahhh North Dakota. Wonderful place, you should visit!

  7. Wow he looks awesome!!! And yay tail!!!

    Sorry about your horrible, no good, very bad day!

  8. March won't fuck with you again... not after that note!

    Sorry for the rotten stuff - hoping you can write April a sexy love letter instead. ;D

  9. Yay for tail! Bobby looks much better from those two pics. Hope he gets his shoes put back on soon.

  10. I share in your tail excitement! I too suffer with bad thoroughbred tail growth genes (well, my horse, but i'm the one who suffers).

    Bummer that March is being such an ass to you. On the bright side, Bobby is looking mighty fine. Here's to April and more positive spring!

  11. He looks great-beefy neck!! :) I hate days like that, when the cure is a good ride and it gets yanked away.

  12. He looks so good!!

    I agree....fuck March!!

  13. Aw that sucks!! Hope your ok and things get better soon.
    Yay about his tail!


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