Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jeeze, Self. Do some leg workouts!

After yesterdays Fuck You snowstorm where it snowed like crazy all morning but then got warm in the afternoon while continuing to snow yet melt at the same time, it was Spring again today with sun and no wind and relative warmth. I literally could have ridden in a t-shirt. Ballin'.

I spent twenty minutes currying Bobby and stepped back to admire my handiwork only to find that he looked like he'd been touched. What the fuck, horse. I'm covered in an inch of black hair, my teeth are gritty from dirt, and you still look like a hot mess.

We went down to the indoor to do a really quick dressage school before going out on trails. I emphasized forward from the get-go, but it backfired on me when we moved up to the canter. Bobby completely ignored me and motored around pulling my arms out. He wasn't taking off with me by any means, but I certainly wasn't asking for a hand gallop. Somewhere in there, I did get a flying change. It was unbalanced so he jetted off afterwards, but it was there at my asking. We're always working on refinement, so I can add that baby to the list.

I finally pulled the e-brake when I got sick of my half halts being ignored and gave him a loud, "Hell-ooooo, Bobby!" We walked for a few minutes to regroup and focus on being soft. I asked him for the canter again and got a really soft, lovely canter that we did for two 20m circles before calling it quits. Fifteen minute dressage ride? Yes, please.

april 2010. sad, sad neck. no signs of beef cake to be found.
I had my watch on today so I was determined to finally do another conditioning ride. Remember those? Those things that help event horses get fit? No. I don't remember them either.

So: A 2 min trot to our galloping hill and a 1 min canter up the hill. We walked to the next field where the trails make a traingle and where did our last set of work....last month? Who even fucking knows at this point. 2 min trot, turn around to the trail running parallel, 1 min canter, 1 min walk. Rinse and repeat for three sets, focusing on staying round and on the bit (check) and straight (mostly check--there was no neck crookedness for once, but we kind of wove back and forth over the trail a bit).

Bobby was a sweaty mess when we were done, but his breathing was great--as it should be with that less than taxing set. My sad, sad legs were awful. I did all the trotting and cantering in two point and I might have wimpered a little at the end. We definitely needed the winter of dressage work, but it did my own fitness no favors.

Needless to say, we've I've got a long way to go. That would be easier if I didn't now have to give Bobby the rest of the week off because of some heel soreness. I didn't even notice anything until we were back in the driveway of the barn and he was just a teeny tiny smidgum NQR in that LH again. I prodded the spot where his abcess blew awhile ago and got a definite reaction, so I'm assuming that's the cause.

I can see the difference in Bobby's body from the work we're doing, and he was able to trot right up our hills today so that's a massive improvement, but it feels like the past couple of months have been so stop and go. I can't get into a rhythm with my riding. We're going xcountry schooling in two weeks and our first show is in four, so I'm starting to freak out just a little.

my friend sent me this picture of this uncle mo
filly she just foaled out to make me feel better about
the size of bobby's ears. mission accomplished.


  1. My horse has huge ears too. Huge as in even the ear bonnets with the gigantor ears fit him just fine. At least you get nice trials to do condition work on!

  2. I need go get majorly in shape as well. Unfortunately, I don't build muscle like a TB. Glad to hear Bobby's is beastly shape - i'm sure you guys will cream the competition at your first show.

  3. Wow...Bobby's neck is awesome now! The conditioning exercise sounds great for both of you :-)

  4. I need to remember to use the "Helloooo, Pony!" trick when being cantering off with.

    1. Works best when used in conjuction with the one rein stop lol.

  5. Oh my gooooodness! Those are the cutest ears I've ever seen. That one-rein stop as saved my butt plenty of times. Hopefully Bobby heals up!

  6. HOLY SHIT That baby has massive ears!

  7. Aw what a cute mule...er...horse...


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