Thursday, November 15, 2012

They're gooone!!

The beasts from Hell are gone. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see two dogs get in someone else's car before in my life. I am so happy, happy, happy. (That Duck Dynasty reference was just for you, K.K)

hairy, dirty beast.

I deviated from my original plan today. After taking Bobby's blanket off and standing back to observe his rather large belly, I decided to start him riding again. He's only been off for three weeks and it's not like he's recovering from a physically strenuous season, but I want to bring him back slowly anyway. So I threw my dressage tack on after dropping the girth a hole (fatty!) and we did fifteen minutes of walking. Look out, right?

The first ten minutes were long and low and forward, and the last five minutes I worked on putting him in more of a dressage frame. He was kind of bleh about the whole thing, but I'm not too bothered. It will come as he starts doing real work.

just about time for new boots.
Sarah pulled in as we were finishing, so I grabbed Spyder to ride with her. He had a total freak out on the crossties when I reached out to unbuckle his blanket. Not sure what that was all about, but I stuck him back in his stall to tack him up and fed him some cookies and he remembered that we're friends.

Spyder is such a slow, drunken sailor warming up. He's has that total green bean wiggle worm to him, but it's all in slow motion. I grabbed a whip and we went to work on forward, forward, forward. Once he was loosened up at the walk and trot, I did some sitting trot with him to straighten him out. I'm much better getting things across when sitting. I'm just not as effective with my tush when posting.

We got sorted out pretty quickly once I did that, and when I moved into the posting trot, he finally stepped out a bit more. We moved on to the canter, getting the correct lead both times. Every time I watch people ride him in lessons, they have an awful time getting him to pick up his leads. Maybe I'm not such a bad rider after all! Yay!

He did have a bit of a boot scootin' boogy to the right, getting a little unbalanced making a circle and exiting stage left. I asked him to pick the canter back up at the wall and he boot scootin' boogied forward, so we came back to the trot to regroup and finished with a really nice canter circle to the trot to a halt.

I got off and my legs were like, "What were you thinking? We hate you!" Weakling. I need to get back on some horses again!


  1. yay - glad that your visitors have gone so that youc an chill out a bit more! i know that i'd want to.

    Bet your aching now your back in the saddle, i know when I started again even though id never really stopped but just taking it more seriously I ached so much!!!

  2. Hooray riding again! I don't know how you went so long without it.

  3. Been gone from blogger land for awhile, and am catching up now...Instead of just tossing those boots, glue some rhinestones and studs on them, and be totally in fashion right now.
    I cannot even imagine what my body would tell me if I was to hop on a horse, I can't remember the last time I was in the right?


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