Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to work.

The easing back into being a domesticed riding horse instead of a wild, furry nut bag has begun. He probably won't get ridden again until I get back from IL after Thanksgiving, so for now he's on the longe.
i left him alone for two seconds and he upended
my grooming box in the search for cookies.
The poor neglected beast acted like he'd been abandoned by all human contact for months. He wouldn't stay out of my pockets, and he nearly pinned me against the wall leaning into the curry comb. Poor, poor thing. I don't know how he's even still alive. No cookies and no currying? Someone call the SPCA on me.

"someone parked a trailer in the driveway! AGAIN!!"

After the obligitory spook at the trailer, I put a surcingle and side reins on him and we went to work. He was fine w/t/c to the left. No changing leads behind in the canter! And then we switched to the right and he was a hot mess behind at the canter. URGH! The footing in the indoor is semi-deep as it is and it got even more churned up on the longe circle. I don't know if that was the cause, or if it's something else. It's been ten days since he got adjusted and he hasn't done anything but get turned out since then.

I don't know if this is a result of a soundness issue, a footing issue, a strength issue, or just a plain old piss-poor conformation issue.

worst hind end known to horsey-dom.
(and look at that hay belly! someone has been getting STARVED!)
I took him off the longe and let him run around loose with side reins still attached and he was still swapping to the right. I finally took the surcingle and reins off and let him loose and he hauled ass around for a good five minutes before deciding he was done. We fooled around with a little join up, but he was much more interested in leaves and ponies than in me and cookies today.

I'll probably be out again Friday and Sunday, and maybe once more before we leave next Wednesday. AND these fucking dogs go home first thing Thursday morning! I can't wait!!!


  1. Haha, its why I am glad horses can't talk, mine would complain about how I starve him (not feeding him a cookie every minute) and abuse him (aka riding him)

  2. Pippi stood in the crossties the other day giving me the "poor me" look, and I almost bought it but then I noticed her girth. Her considerable girth. So I wrote of the dry erase board "Pippi is Chubby, lets cut back on feed a bit." I bet she will be in a mood now.

  3. I'm from IL :) Evanston.
    Worst hind end...really???? Have u met us??? ;)


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