Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have terrible, awful news that really affects no one but myself. I have poisin ivy again. I must have looked at some while Hubby and I were cleaning up the fallen trees last weekend even though I was wearing gloves and even though it's almost winter so this shit really should be gone by now, right?! It's all over my right hand and left forearm, but it's remained contained to those two areas for the past few days. I'm hoping I'll be able to get away with cortisone and benadryl alone this time, both of which I've been sleeping with. I hate you, poisin ivy. I hate you more than these two stupid dogs that have invaded my house.

I was not made to be a pet sitter. My doggies have had manners drilled into them from day one and we get along just fine. These two are just dumb. You know how people always joke about their animals being stupid?

baby bobby looking dumb, but he's actually a smart horse.
Well, these dogs are genuinely stupid. No brain cells fire inside their giant curly heads. The vacancy light is on up there, folks.

I did go out to the barn yesterday to drop off Bobby's supplements and switch his medium weight to his sheet for the next several days. He was just getting ready to go out, so I only gave him a handful of cookies. No torturous grooming this time--which was fine because he was totally clean!

"feed me cookies or get out of my way."

heading up to his field with spyder.
At some point I'm going to write a Bobby and Carly post ala Red and Carly since not much else is going on and I think we all need some more Robert in our lives, no? First I'm going to bother my friends to see if anyone has any foal and weanling pictures of him. I joined facebook way late and with the demise of my college laptop, I lost a ton of pony pictures. I thought for sure I had uploaded a bunch of his weanling pictures my friend Nicole and I took on a snow day to a webshots album, but if I did, they're gone now too. Balls.

Speaking of Nicole, more pony good wishes are needed. Her pony (No, it really is a pony this time!) Plato is recovering from emergency colic surgery. He went in Wednesday to have six feet of small intestine removed from sand impaction in the colon and a blockage in the large intestine. His recovery is going slowly. He's still not allowed any food or water, but he seems to be taking it in stride. You better get well soon, Plato Puss! It seems like this year has been especially rough to friends' horses, hasn't it?

plato. i nicknamed him spatula head in college
because his stripe looks like a spatula.


  1. You get enough poison ivy for the both of us. :( Feel better soon!

  2. Im not surprised they are spaniels....doi...

    Spatula head? I LOL'd...Jingles for spatula head!

  3. Yikes - poison ivy in November! I feel for you - hope it clears up quick :)

  4. OMG i love that baby Bobby pic!

    Feel better!


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