Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Robert.

I got a text from Sarah about Robert:

Your horse is snoring louder than I've ever heard anything snore. Thought you might be proud! It sounds like a bear dying -- I checked to make sure his lungs weren't falling out or something.

Who knew vacation could be so rough?

2yo. Bobby.
Napping King from birth.
Also, for those of you looking to do your own end of the year Photo Book, I got a $10 off code for sharing it on the blog. I figured I'd post the code on here and let first come first serve take it.

$10 off your next purchase at Shutterfly, good until 12/31:

They're $29.99 originally, and they're so worth it. I want to see the finished project if you guys decide to make one!


  1. It took from Nov 3rd until today to read your blog from beginning to end. What a journey! It was fun to watch you and Bobby fall in love, after the terrible loss of Red.

    Looking forward to new posts! Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS: I wasn't fond of my inlaws, either!

  2. snoring?! lol that is awesome!!! :)


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