Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.

we're covergirls!
(new sweater convienently matches old pad.)
One more step crossed off to making Bobby rejoin the equine species: I pulled his mane and trimmed his bridle path. He's still a hairy yak, but I have to find my clippers in Hubby's man cave so I can figure out what blades I need to buy for them. Hopefully that will get done this weekend because it's supposed to warm up in the next few days and I can wrap myself in the shaggy beast's coat right now.

Robert had the cutest spook today. We were walking down to the indoor and he saw a giant snow ball in the driveway. He was all "SNOOOORRRRTTTTT SNOWBALLOFDEATH SNOOORRRTTTT PRANCEPRANCEPRANCE".

snow ball spotted.
face off.
"why are you laughing. it could have eaten me!"
Aw, giant muley. You're so cute.

You may have noticed lack of dressage tack. Yay! I love me a good dressage ride, but my number one goal for this year is to make sure Bobby does not get mentally burnt out. Stellar dressage ride one day? Fab. Move on to something else the next day. So I threw on his jump tack, including trying a new rein set up after reading SB's bit post.

I am not at all opposed to a single rein on an elevator bit. I don't think it makes you Satan. I especially don't mind with my bit since it's only a two ring. But I'm down with trying new things, I have no issues riding with two reins, and it looks fancy. I loved it. Bobby seemed indifferent, but I like having my hands full. It keeps my fingers closed, and I'm far less prone to being overly busy with my fingers.

I set up a couple of jumps:

9' poles on either side of X, 2'3 oxer.
He's a tubbers and I don't really like jumping in the indoor, but I know how much he likes jumping (now) and these were hardly taxing efforts. After reading the Sinead Halpin clinic report on EN about taking a hold of your horse's mouth while jumping, I really made an effort to do so. I'm too handsy on the flat, and not handsy enough jumping. Fail. As always.

Bobby was a monster--in a Lady Gaga Little Monsters way, that is. He was all, "Bitch, I'm a dressage horse. Take ahold of my mouth and I'm going to go fucking fancy pants of your ass." (I'm not sure where Bobby picked up such foul, snotty language. Punk.) He was packaged, he was forward, and he was listening.

We went over the X three times each way. He wasn't very impressed. He basically just put in three big canter strides. Much better than last winter where a teeny tiny vertical was cause for a panic attack:

"i cannot jump this giant jump!"
Then we came around to the oxer. Oh my gosh, so fabulous. Easy, easy, easy. We did it four times and nailed a beautiful distance each time without snatching or rushing before or after the jump. It was only a twenty minute ride, but it was so killer. I think he appreciated the change up and all the praise he was getting for being such a good pony.

And he even managed to show the snow ball who was boss when we were done.


  1. Glad Bobby showed that snowball whose the big horse in these parts! & Glad you guys had a good ride, in a "lady gaga little monsters" way. hahahahahaha.

  2. Yeah Bobby! He's coming back great. Good on you for scheduling in a way that is designed to help him out. :)

  3. he is so cute, he looks to be coming on really well, I like how you change about what things you do :)

  4. Bobby says thanks for the vaca mom!

  5. That whole post was just too cute. Bobby is such a dude.

  6. This is one of my fave posts of all the blogs I have read!! SNOW BALL OF DEATH!! Hahahaha. I love it. I know I should help my horses be more brave but when they freak out over something like this it makes me laugh too hard. So silly!! And Bobby is such a big boy he could probably fight a cougar. I love your horse.


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