Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pet Sitting.

For some reason I agreed to pet sit a friend's two Springer Spaniels for a week.

Sassy is a four year old female whose nickname is the Clydesdale for her giant feet:

Gunner is a six year old male:

It didn't sound like too bad of a deal. My dogs like other dogs, these two like other dogs, and we have a giant yard for them to roam around in. Our giant yard does not have a fence, but no worries, said their owner. They're totally fine off the leash!

Well, I let Sassy/Clydesdale/Fatty/Clod Hopper off and she sniffed around with Gunner for awhile. I turned to talk to Hubby for a second and away she went down the road. It wasn't even a "I don't know my boundaries, I'm going to wander over here." It was a "Down the road I go for a journey to someplace that isn't here!" She crossed the main road (which really only sees grain trucks and the occasional school bus so it's not too busy) and went to visit the town hall where everyone was voting. Someone grabbed her and back on the leash she went.

It's only been one day so far and I'm already exhausted. The two of them spent all night last night pacing around the house, scratching on the bedroom door, and whining. They follow the cats around to the point where I'm ready to hiss and claw at them.

hell cat says, "you are not part of my family unit, dogs. begone!"
Next time someone tries to take advantage of my disability to say no and my love of animals, remind me that this is a bad idea! Is next Wednesday here yet?


  1. this is why I don't own working dogs:)

  2. Oh Springers. my old roommate's parents had two. A show and a field. The field springer was crazy, hoped every where, ADD, you had to crate him at night or he would not sleep, just chase shadows all night. Off leash, forget it. That dog was made to hunt.

    The show one though, lazy, all the spirit and spunk of the field springer completely bred out. She was super sweet though and the best to cuddle with. That dog loved me lol.

  3. oh dear, sounds like you havent had much look so far! hopefully next wednesday will roll around xx

  4. Heh. I was wondering how the off leash hunting dog thing was going to work. My Corgi (herding group ftw!) stays around great, but heaven help the hapless soul who takes the beagle off leash...

    Good luck! You'll need it. ;)

  5. ROFL!! Those are spunky dogs. They needs to run all day.

  6. I have never liked springers...I've got Cocker Spaniels and they are the best, but there is just something about those Springers...


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