Monday, July 16, 2012


I finally got my car back Saturday after dropping it off on Wednesday. Hoorah! Not so hoorah? They had to rewire all sorts of things and I had to paid an extra $110 dollars on top of the $350 for the original mess. Not very hoorah at all. Fortunately, even though there's never any extra "rainy day" money, I am the most anal budgeter ever and I was able to fit the stupid repairs in since I ever so patiently disconnected the battery cable to turn my car off for two weeks until I could afford it. And then I set a bill aside to pay by phone so it would get paid in time and forgot to pay it. Oh friggin' well. Better late than never.

But pony things!

I decided to bring out the running martingale again in hopes that it would help Mr Magee focus a little more and bring his periscoping head down while working in the outdoor. That worked out so-so. He definitely wasn't as bad as usual, but he wasn't the focused dressage horse he is when working in the indoor.

This plan ended up backfiring when we got to jumping and he reverted to "I'm an OTTB wearing rings and therefore have every excuse to not pick my head up". So I took it off and it's back in retirement in the bottom of my tack box. BO had moved a couple of the newly painted jumps up from the indoor and set up a course. It looked like it flowed really long as you didn't want to change directions, which I certianly did. So I made up my own course that rode a little awkwardly, but it mostly worked.

But first we worked on single fences and then two or three together.

Bobby did his first real run-out in a looong time the first time up to the blue and white X. He wasn't entirely sure it wasn't going to eat him, even when represented at the trot.

After a few more times through, though, he decided it was safe.

He also took a peak at the oxer the first time over, but after that, everything went pretty durned well. He was finding his distances and listening to me when I saw a spot instead of just running into the base of the fence and springing/puking awkwardly over.

There were a couple of problems we ran into that are going to the top of the To Do list:

* Fitness. Pony was tired after forty minutes of flatting, jumping, and doing a full course. I wanted to run him through the course once more after the first time and he just didn't quite have as much natural umph as he did the first time through. A little slower and not quite as quick with his feet. So, weather permitting, I'm going to tack on a trail ride at the end of every dressage ride along with at least an hour trail ride once a week on top of a conditioning day in the xcountry field. He'll easily survive a fifteen minute warm up and a four minute dressage test followed by a two hour break and a max of thirty more minutes of work that is a horse show, but I want him to be able to work long and hard at home easily.

* Leads. The dreaded leads, I should say. He's been so good about picking up his correct leads from the walk and trot when we start cantering, and he's getting better about his simple changes, but he is by no means good about getting the correct lead on landing and I'm not being half as attentive as I should be about correcting him and he's obviously struggling to jump well because of it. The next time we jump, it's going to be all small xrails and we're going to nail down correct leads after jumps. How exciting.

Here's the course:

* Dang those leads....I really should have corrected it after the gate, made a circle, and brought him back around to the coop. * The blue vertical that fell only has three feet on its standards so it's super tipsy. It was set at 2' in the video and Hubby kicked it up to 2'6 for our second time and he cleared it easily. * The "bending line" of the green vertical to the tires was not actually set as a line which is why it rode so incredibly awful. * Isn't he being such a good boy about distances?????
(Sorry the formatting is so fucking annoying! Blogger, I hate you!)


  1. So I love love your horse. And I want to steal him and make him into a hunter equ horse. Just kidding, kinda (; but really you guys look awesome!

    1. I'd much rather him look like a hunter horse going around a course than a western pleasure mule lol! If only we can get those auto leads...

  2. Cute! He's not as lope-y slow as he looked on xc, but maybe still a bit more forward? I'm sure the conditioning will help. :-)

    Hehe. Wish you could come and do that with us. It's so much more fun in mountains.

    1. I think part of the remanents of lopey-ness was the running, but he's definitely thinking more forward now, right?! And I wish I had ANYONE to do conditioning with! :D


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