Friday, July 27, 2012

Poor quality photos, ftw!

I decided to make up for my lack of interesting posts by taking lots of top-notch shots of Bobby. Unfortunately, Bobby is the most disproportiante, awkward looking, sometimes even downright ugly looking horse that there was nothing to be done. So here are some equally uninteresting pictures.

the most forward i could get his ears.
i miss my little 15.3hh compact red pony!
so long! so ugly!
majestic donkey.

i cringe looking at his feet.
He was being the biggest lazy pig longing so I tried to chase him around. He would trot just fast enough that he could reach down to snag some grass before I could get to him, and then he would amble off again. I ended up getting on him bareback and working his ass off for twenty minutes--w/t/c with forward being the only thing I focused on. Then I jumped a few jumps. Just because I ride better bareback than I do with no stirrups.

shwoing off his trail horse skillz while being lazy.
I finished off with some in-hand work. His turn on the forehands were phenomenal both ways. Leg yield to the left was decent, to the right was a battle but we did get it. A few steps of shoulder in and a few steps of straight backing and we headed down for a massage.

freeing up the beast's shoulder.
Booooring. I wish his shoes weren't clanking so we could do something exciting.


  1. I like all the photos though. :)

  2. ^ What another "Carly/Karley"?!?! LOVE IT...

    ok back on track.. love how Bobby's expression is like REALLY?!?!

  3. I love all the pictures, think they are gorgeous :), hes a good lucking horse in a unique kinda way x


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