Monday, July 9, 2012


Remember my little baby cheeps?

They're now four months old and I've had three eggs in the past three days!

This would be way more exciting if Hubby's mom hadn't just given us three dozen eggs from her chickens. I see a lot of baking in my future....

All six chickens need names! If you want to suggest a name, or name one after yourself, let it fly. (no pun intended.) We can tell the three Comets apart (the red ones), and we can tell one of the Brown Leghorns apart from the other two because she likes to go sprinting around the yard before her breakfast Wheaties. I have a name for her, but it's not PG rated.


  1. I love very ironic names for animals. If I had chickens I'd name them things like "Nugget" "Wingies" "Colonel Harland Sanders" "Extra Juicy"
    I also like people names for animals. I've always wanted a horse named "Richard" or "Kevin".

  2. Guinevere, Queen Latifah, Baton, Freddie Mercury, Spock...WHAT!? I like weird names! :P

  3. bahahahaha i am loving the suggestions! :D


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