Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh, hey.

As promised, there hasn't been much to report on the pony front. Not having any money to make it to the barn really isn't all that bad when it's 100* and you're sitting in air conditioning. Hubby and I went up to NY for his Grandma's 80th birthday yesterday and not only was it hot, but it was also disgustingly humid. Needless to say, I didn't feel all that bad about missing another day. I did make it down this morning however.

It rained about half an inch at the barn last night. With the sun beating down on the damp footing, it was made the heat about ten times more awful. I kept my ride super short and put the draw reins on Bobby to remind him that he can, in fact, do dressage in the outdoor and not just run around with his head in the air.

He wanted to drop his head well below the vertical at the trot so it was a good exercise for me to work on keeping my hands from floating around in my lap. I drilled him on his simple changes at the canter for about five minutes. He started off with a few steps but finally remembered that he can do them with just one step on trot. My lower legs--particularly my feet--swinging around were a good reminder that I need to work my ass off on no stirrup work. Like, every single ride.

trying hard not to fall in.
I'm planning on stretching the last of my gas money to get me out Tuesday and Thursday before my car goes in for surgery Friday. It's supposed to storm Tuesday so I'll make that my dressage/no stirrup kick ass boot camp day and hopefully get up to the xcountry field to do some half seat work Thursday.

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  1. ugh.. I can't imagine, I hate heat having grown up in a valley were it was regularly triple digits all summer long, but the real killer is humidity.

    I hope everything goes okay with your car.


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