Monday, July 2, 2012

Dressage Show Videos

It only took all day!

Training 1:

Did we deserve our two 10s? I think we can all collectively agree that no, we did not. Would any one of you have argued against them. Hell no! For the record, the arm spasm just before our final halt was a giant green fly trying to land on me. The flies were awful all day.

Training 2:

What's there to say? Bobby had already done his good dressage deed of the day. Jumping was supposed to be next!

Things to improve on:

* Consistent contact.

* Get my shoulders back. Everything else is okay with standing up straight, why can't they follow suit?

* Dressage in general.


  1. Carly, He has wonderful rhythum and smooth transitions. Good job both of you.
    I find it helps my shoulders if I think about raising my hands. I tend to lower my hands and it brings everything forward.
    PS my mom thought he had good implusion :)

  2. Oooo videos!
    He has improved SO much compared to your last test video. Definitely more impulsion and balance in the walk/trot.
    Loved the downward transitions (very smooth!) and your halts were very 'forward thinking' and prompt.

  3. I think you two look great! You make riding look easy. Me on the other hand look like a sack of potatoes bouncing around up in the saddle.
    Your videos make me want to do some dressage! But then again I have the worlds LAZIEST OTTB and we are stuck in intro world.


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