Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November Review, December Goals

Better late than never!

November Review:

1. Fitness for real. So much trotting and cantering in and out of the ring. The awesome weather last month that's carried over into this month made this a really easy, fun goal.

2. No stirrup work. Every ride in the jump saddle the stirrups were crossed at least half the time. I keep at this every single time I'm in my jump tack so it wasn't quite as woefully painful as it could have been.

i didn't label the months this time. use your smarts.

nope. even with hubby's help he still looks like a big, awkward mule beast.

December Goals:

1. Bend on a circle both ways. Oh, you know. Just one of those rudimentary things Bobby no longer seems capable of.

2. One lesson with BM. I need and want a lesson. I'm hopeful I can get the money around for BM.

3. Lose the 'tude. Let's be a pleasant fellow, huh Bobby? I'd like him to start carrying less tension through the back after being asked to do something hard. He needs to move on quicker from what gets him upset.

4. Mr Tappy. He gets to go for a ride all the time! And it's never going to be an issue ever again. Right, Bobby?!

5. Jump once a week. I don't want to get so sucked down the dressage "fix everything on the flat all the time!" tunnel that we completely push jumping to the side. Too many days between jump schools makes for a crazy britches.

6. Do something fun once a week. Whether it's just finishing out the ride or an entire day devoted to it, I need to lighten up and enjoy my horse a bit more. Even if sometimes I hate him.

Lots to work on this month which is perfect. I need some focus in my life.


  1. bending in both directions is over rated. if we could just do our entire dressage test tracking right i would be perfectly happy ;)

  2. Awesome! Hopefully the lesson with BM comes with trainerisms too, even if they aren't as amazing as trainer's were. I'm totally going to miss your recaps.


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