Monday, December 28, 2015

Blogger Secret Santa!

I got my blogger exchange secret Santa gift on Saturday, but I honestly didn't even know it had arrived until this morning when I went out to get the mail and it was frozen to the porch. In a town where the population is fifty (okay, maybe slightly more than that), I guess we don't really have to worry about people stealing our Christmas loot.

I'm deathly fucking ill at the moment (also maybe a slight exaggeration, though at times it certainly doesn't feel like it--world's whiniest sick person right here), so this won't be the longest post, but I do want to share what I got because it is so perfectly tailor-made for Bobby and I!

My Secret Santa was Amber from Thoroughbred Adventure, mom to Jetta and Misty, and I didn't exactly give her much to go off of when it came to gift ideas. She nailed it anyway!

yes, yes, yes, and yes.

First up was a purple sparkly brush that I've eyed at literally every tack store I've walked into but have never bought because I'm no good at buying fun things for myself. Plus I've been bemoaning how I only own ONE brush in my entire arsenal. I know. That's worse than the few amount of saddle pads I own. It's a straight up horse crime.

That came with a pair of knee high (the only way to go for a horse person) dinosaur socks because yes, Amber, Bobby is a fucking dinosaur. OMG, that neck though, it's like it's own thirty foot long species. Keeping with that theme, we also got a dinosaur bridle charm that will be going on my breastplate until I buy Bobby his own separate fancy dressage bridle, and I can have two bridles for all the bridle charms!

So thank you so much, Amber! These were great personalized gifts that I'm going to love using!


  1. Haha, those dino socks are EPIC!

  2. Love the dino theme! Brush is cool too.

  3. I sent Amber Sock it to me unicorn socks!!! Love it

  4. Such an amazing gift! I'm hoping to participate in this next year. I LOVE secret Santa :-)

  5. Oh purple and sparkles, I am sure Bobby is thrilled :)

  6. ha those are awesome!!! hope you are also feeling better soon too :)


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