Monday, December 7, 2015

3rd Annual Deck the Bobby Christmas Pictures

I'm much too lazy to link up to the last two years, but that's okay. You can still marvel at the glory of this year's Christmas outfit! I didn't have a set plan on what I wanted to do this year until I was at the grocery store with my mom over Thanksgiving. We passed through the holiday aisle on our search for something else and I spotted these giant silver bells. I didn't even know what I was going to do with them, but they had Bobby written all over them.

A couple days later, we were wandering through the Christmas section at Menards on Black Friday looking for lights, and I started random piling things into the cart that I thought were festive. So this year's pictures evolved into a simple "FUCK YES CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!!!!!" theme.

elliott and quinn wanted in on the christmas spirit.
or they just wanted to know why bobby was jangling so much. 

Saturday morning I went out to the barn by myself first thing to braid Bobby's mane while Hubby was hunting. Hubby is patient and tolerant, and I braid quickly, but asking him to stand there while I did it seemed like a bit of overkill.

As I was setting up my stool and braiding shit, BM walked into the barn and called down from the other end of the aisle, "You haven't done it yet, have you? Did I miss it?!" And that is how I know I ended up at the right barn. The main concern for everyone at my barn in PA was that I was never going to find another place that embraced my crazy--aka my need to dress my horse up in outfits all the time.

We plunked a Santa hat down on the barn cat and I got to work. This barn embraces my crazy just fine.

ears go up for candy dispensing. 

I chucked Bobby outside in his Hello Kitty sleazy for a couple hours until Hubby and I came back to begin the decorating process. I had silver and red bows for his braids, bigger bows for his breast plate, ornaments to dangle of his running martingale, and my giant bells. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with the bells when it came down to it. I finally just draped them over his beck and called it good.


At this point, one of the older ladies that boards at the barn walked by on the way to call the vet for her pus-eyed horse (So gross, but ended up just being a teeny scratch.) and stopped to admire my pile of giant crap spread across the aisle.

"Is that to decorate his stall?"
"No, N. That's to decorate him."
"Best idea ever! He's going to look so handsome! But what are you going to wear?"

Well, supportive barn mate that also readily embraces the crazy, I picked up an ugly-ish sweater and a Santa hat of my own. I grabbed my glittery wreath and carefully climbed aboard.

he so wanted to sample the fake sparkly apples.

Since there's been no snow so far this season, we hiked out back to the pond to pose on the bridge where we could at least avoid getting pictures in the mud. Bobby was, as always, supremely difficult to pose with his ears up. They might be up in all the ones I'm posting, but for every one photo of them forward, there are thirty with them flopped sideways or backwards.

forcefully trying to get them up for a head-on picture. didn't happen.
and no, bobby is not sad about his plight. this is bobby's every day expression. 
watching horses race around.

Without a doubt, these were the classiest Christmas pictures we've done. In fact, his braided-in bows looked so fucking fabulous, I left them in.

"hullo. please give me those snacks." 

they even survived turnout.

and went for a trail ride.

So there you have it. Christmas 2015 in the books. Here's hoping his bows stay in forever and ever!

so handsome. 


  1. BEST CHRISTMAS BOBBY PHOTOS EVER!! I hope you put them on cards and mail them to everyone you know.

  2. He looks fantastic! You did an amazing braiding job.

  3. This is quite the Christmas explosion...and I love every minute of it! Bobs looks so festive!

  4. LOVE the bows in the braids! Actually the whole outfit is epic and awesome!!!

  5. OMG the bows! Why are these not legal for competition????

  6. Love them! He looks so wonderfully Christmas-y!

  7. Epic Christmas photos! I completely support this Christmas-crazy. Bobby looks so fantastic with the bows, he should wear them all the time for every dress-up and just for fun.

  8. This is seriously the best, ever. I love everything about these photos- including the picture of him looking oh-so-fabulous in his stall with his bows still in!

  9. Absolutely love these pictures, and agreed I think you found a great barn!

  10. I loooveee these. Gives me inspiration for my crazy Christmas photos for this year..Bobby looks super handsome in his bows!

  11. These are so awesome! Looking very festive and adorable Bobby :)

  12. I LOVE IT!!

    I also love that I'm not the only dork who entertains myself by dressing my horse. ;-) You really are the queen of it.

  13. This is one of the most amazing things ever. And the fact that your bows lived through a night of turnout!! Oh Bobby, you're such a champion.

  14. Love these pictures. I have the same ear-picture problem with Dijon. I will literally lean forward and push his ears forward and he'll still just sulk about.

  15. And when will these chirstmas-card-quality photos be in the mail?
    Those bows look amazing. You should definitely do more braids and bows.

  16. ha i love it! he is classy af in his bells and bows :D

  17. I love these! Love the last pic and the one where he's popping his head around a corner to ask for cookies. So handsome! :)

  18. Love the last picture. Those braids are epic.

  19. You outdid yourself this year!! Love it!!!

  20. Glorious, indeed.
    Can totally understand the 30 shite pics to get a single one with good ears, heheh.
    Gotta admire those bow-braids, very festive!

  21. Love the third pic of you guys in all your glory!

  22. Have I told you how amazing you guys are. Literally, these are my favorites.

  23. This is so awesome.

  24. I can't lie, your sweater and santa hat TOTALLY make the outfit 10x better.

  25. Love them!' Deck all the animals!


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