Monday, June 1, 2015

May Review, June Goals

May Review:

1. Select a May-June-July show schedule. May is over and done with, I went to the two shows I had planned, and all June entries are already sent in. I went back and forth a little bit about where I wanted to show in June, but finally just committed to both a dressage show (yay, ribbons for every test!) and the GVH horse trial. Fuck it. Who needs money?

2. Rediscover Bobby's dressage diva. Yes. He has not been even half as tense or obnoxious in recent rides, although we're still working on regular, every day training stuff. Post tomorrow.

3. Be a grown up and show by myself without dying. It was actually easier showing without Hubby this month instead of with him. Hubby's kind of a tightly wound guy, and even when he's "relaxing" he gives off crazy tense person vibes and gets you worked up without even trying. I did miss all the media though.

so much more attractive when there's another person around to stand him up 

June Goals:

1. Make stadium our bitch. I was forced to rejoin USEA to actually get to a horse trial around here, so we have no leeway in being totally fucking retarded over wooden poles. No excuses. We are going to have good stadium rounds this month!

2. Show all three First tests without going off course. I'll be at the dressage show by myself (but paid for pictures already!), so that means no one there to hold my tests for me to check beforehand. Sounds like my phone will be going for a ride in my bra. Also, maybe I should ride them a few more times...

3. Get a handle on Bobby's feet. They're not bad, but every time I look at them I see another little something I can touch up. It's driving me crazy. I need a hoof stand so I can actually go to work on them without falling over and dying because my legs are so tired.

4. Sneak out of the barn without anyone noticing. I'm moving barns at the end of the month! Still need to tell my current BO.... still too creeped out by him to do it alone. Telling the BM instead isn't copping out, right?


  1. I've totally told the BM instead of the intimidating BO before. Not copping out.

  2. Maybe you can dress Bobby up as a Ninja and escape unnoticed?

  3. I've been known to send emails to end business relationships that were difficult. Best to have everything in writing, right?

  4. Pretty sure you can knock all of those goals out of the park.

  5. I ended my last boarding situation via email. No shame in that! And then it's also written documentation.

  6. May goals = owned. Well done. I also like that it kind of looks like Bobby is being booped on the nose in his May pic. He's totally enjoying it.

  7. musical barns already? :( and get an umbrella stand at a yard sale! I'm telling you they work great! I used one forever before getting a hoof stand and I still use the umbrella stand for hinds because it won't flip when ponies are being asshats.

  8. I've totally told the BM instead of the BO as well.

    Regarding hoof stands, I have this one:
    And there's also this one, which is $50 less: but it will make it kind of hard to work on hooves from below, if you do that at all. I love the first one; I've had it for 4 years now.

  9. love your goals - hope you and Bobby kill it in June!

  10. Woot woot crossing off all the May goals! =)


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