Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WW: Horse Show Scenes

If you follow me on instagram or are friends with me on facebook, you've probably already seen all these. Oh well, too bad! There's nothing more boring than prepping for a dressage show, so you're getting recycled filler for today's post.

horse show morning sunrise

best dressed award. and most enthusiastic horse award.

taking out braids after dressage

the after afro.

we got this canopy for horse shows. bobby instantly made himself at home under it.
he's happiest when parked in the middle of things, even if he's basically sitting in your lap.

digging for snacks in the cooler.

"what did you find?! where are the snacks??"
note that there's nothing even in my hand, but that prehensile lip is still probing.

i eat well at horse shows. and i am not ashamed.

with all the rain we got last week, someone was bound to get stuck...
fortunately it wasn't us!

the only reason for boots: to accessorize with duct tape.


  1. I kept trying to figure out what was on your boots! Thank you for clearing that up! Lol!

  2. Love fun duct tape... hate the Ravens. Oh well, I suppose I'll forgive you... just this once.

  3. Haha. Way to embrace the modern world of duct tape. Mine has flying pigs and penguins.

  4. I feel like Bobby would move right in with you if given the opportunity. Also, now I want M&M's, and it's like 9:30am. Still want.

  5. hellz yes on eating all things yummy (and since they're peanut m&ms, we know they're good for us too.... right?)

  6. Mmmm M&M's.... now I want chocolate.

  7. Lol ravens duct tape! And Bobby so cute digging in the cooler.

  8. that ravens duct tape - yasssssss!!!! lol i love the canopy too and totally want one now


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