Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Go forth and just...go

Pretty much the only good thing about all this rain and the massive temperature drop (It should be an actual crime that my horse was wearing a sheet for the first two days of June.) is that my allergies have gone back to nonexistent.

Yay! I can breathe! I have cognizance of where my body parts are and what they're doing!

more video stills! you're welcome.

Obvi this meant I had to get some jumps set up pronto. The whole not sucking over fences at a show will probably have a better chance of happening if I actually get my horse over some fences at home. I got to the barn Monday and the parking lots was full of vehicles which it never is. Remember how that's one of the reasons I'm moving? Because this place is a perpetual dead zone?

I was like, "Of course. The outdoor is an actual lake and now I won't be able to jump again because I have to share the arena and no one else jumps." But it turned out to just be a mother and daughter who had their horse out for the vet so the arena was mine to do with as I pleased once they were done with diagnostics.

dirty horse wearing clothes. why is he wearing clothes in june?!

I set up another one of my favorite grid-type exercises along with a one stride line of skinny flower boxes to warm up over. The main exercise was a 3' vertical and either three strides straight to a 2'3" (because the holes were FUBAR and wouldn't adjust any higher) vertical, or a three strides bending line to another 3' vertical. You could also come from the other direction and just do the smaller vertical straight to the bigger one.

I ran Bobby through a w/t/c warm up and sent him for the 2'3" jump on an angle off the rail to warm up on. The first time he threw in an extra stride and then just threw up over it because we were going so slow. We came around again, I put my leg on, and he jumped it fine.


that's right. my horse looks like the smart one for once.

Then we moved on to the flower boxes. They're 4' long by maybe 18" tall with yellow flowers. Bobby's never had a problem with skinnies as he would rather jump than pretty much anything. Turned out to be a good thing as he yanked the reins right out of my hands after launching over the first box, but carried on to jump the second one all by himself.

Commitment? Not a problem. Rideability? Perhaps slightly lacking.

We worked on coming in quietly and halting immediately after, and once we got that done, I opened him up to work through the forward three strides of the verticals.

Going forward--way more forward than Bobby picks up naturally--is still something I have to actively remind myself of when jumping. I can feel the right pace now once we get it, but I tend to take the first jump or two from a crawl before being like, "Derp. Add leg and he jumps perfectly."

Go the second he picks up the canter, go through the turns, go on landing. Go, bitch! Go!

cookie monsters

He got Tuesday off. I went out in the afternoon to drop off his SmartPak, pull his sheet, and stuff handfuls of cookies down his throat.

Today, I set up the trending (I guess?) Lainey Ashker exercise, but as poles instead of jumps because lazy. I did it in my jump saddle and dressage bridle, and Bobby started off with zero difficulties from both the trot and canter each direction. As long as I focused on my track and not that we were going over poles, he pranced right through.

Then I dropped my stirrups, flatted for a bit, and decided to come back through at the canter stirrupless. Bobby was like, "FINALLY. We did the poles, now it's time for the jumping!" and got his stupid feet tangled as he tried to muddle his way through after leaping into the wheel. We had a little talk about that, so then Bobby was all, "FINE. I won't jump IN the poles, I'll jump ON them."

After which I just said fuck it, made him trot through once, and went on a trail ride.


  1. This weather confuses me greatly. Roger has also worn a sheet for the past 2 days. Go home, Mother Nature. You're drunk.

    In other news, glad you and Bobby had a productive ride and that your allergies peaced out for a bit. Being able to breathe AND know where your limbs are?

    That shit is priceless.

  2. Dino is naked and free, but he essentially lives like a wild mustang now.

    It's encouraging to know you CAN ride! Also I'm extremely jealous that you and Robert made it through Lainey's Poles with no problems.

  3. My husband is appreciating the allergy relief in the rain. I am not appreciating lush grass making my fat horse fatter. The derp pic is my favorite!!!

  4. Lolz Bobby. I'm always start jumping like hey look I can fit a really slow six in a five. Too slow? OK, oops, now its a four. Oh, apply leg and hold - look, a five!

  5. somehow the perspective in that last picture is really confusing my brain and bobby's head looks soooooo tiny haha. yay for show prep with no allergies tho! that pole exercise is definitely tricky - i tried it in a lesson with the outside ends of the poles raised and it rode super easily with the *perfect* canter - but any deviation from perfection was kind of a disaster lol

  6. Pace is going to be my struggle for a while until I get my jumping legs back. Ugh!

  7. Wait, so I'm not the only one who forgets to go forward, has a trainwreck of a course, and then adds Majikal Leg and all of a sudden the 2'6" course on my green bean baby looks--and is--easy? Seriously, today M was going to kill me until I kicked him and then she loved me again.


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