Friday, June 5, 2015

Simply Not The Best

Last rides before our return to eventing are in the books.

Yesterday we did a dressage school where he started out pretty alright, turned into a raging asshole, and ended up in draw reins and working like a happy little pony pants. I was not in the mood for a fight so I slapped those puppies on, and we went back to being besties in two seconds flat.

I ran him through First 2 since that's the only test I could remember off the top of my head, and then finished up with the canter work from First 3. His shoulder was flying off to go visit friends back in PA when we picked up the canter at C and had to immediately go into a 15 meter circle (we were a passenger on the struggle bus for this same movement at the beginning of the season last year, too), but with Hulk-like leg power at A, that circle was much better.

his fly mask gives him the poofiest donald trump comb over look

Today I had planned on doing an intensive jump school with oxers and lines and all the jumps and poles I could get my badly-in-need-of-a-manicure hands on. I pulled into the barn and the outdoor was finally dragged. Perfect! I wasn't going to have to relocate any standards into the indoor!

Then I got out there and the footing was still super deep from all the rain.

look! i took my horse to the beach!
lol jk that's just our arena.

I ended up with a 2'6" vertical on the short end and a crossrail. Look out, Novice. We're coming for you.

We trudged through a rather uninspiring warm up, puked over the jumps a few times, and then walked for awhile while I fought to get my head in the game. I cannot just let myself be okay with blah jumping anymore. Blah jumping will get us around clear because Bobby is the king of rocket powered launching from any distance and goes out of his way to keep the poles up, but I want good stadium rounds. Fuck this sloppy, cringe-worthy nonsense.

king of carrot stretches

Back we went to it. When leg wasn't getting Bobby cruising fast enough, I popped him once with my stick and we were finally in business. I went in with mentality to over-ride every jumping effort. If we took a flyer, fine. If we were going too fast for a crossrail, fine. As long as my horse's booty was along for the ride, we were fine.

Bobby finally got the hint and started moving up for the fences, and while the jump itself was probably too flat and fast, I know he'll actually pick his feet up for oxers with fill so I wasn't concerned.

It was far from the best jump preparation, but I think I'm feeling like I know the steps to put in a good round. I'll have spurs and Bobby's nut bag adrenaline to get him forward without much issue, but I'm going to make sure I don't just assume he's going forward enough and then splat into shit distances.

the puppy is ready for pony time

Now to fight back the feeling of dread that keeps creeping up for the next two days.... We will not fuck this up! We won't do it!


  1. how could you not be awesome with the poofy donald trump combover? you guys are gonna be great!

  2. It can be so hard to fight through status quo. Sounds like a good plan! Good luck!

  3. Good for you for re-grouping and coming back to the jumps with a plan and some attittude!

  4. sounds like bobby and twister have been plotting together....

  5. Totally know how you are feeling, you got this though. Time to kick ass, just remember you don't HAVE to look pretty over stadium. :)

  6. That mud looks horrendous - like boot-sucking mud!


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