Friday, September 5, 2014

Keep calm and I have no pictures.

Holy balls, who wants to band together with me and get rid of humidity? I mean, the theory is you just start some online petition and voila!--you get what you want, right? It is too fucking hot out, weather. Over it.

First thing this morning I went out to put in the last dressage school on Bobby before Sunday's show (of which I have the stupidest times, but at least we got them emailed to us when we were supposed to), and promptly felt like wringing my bra out. Some riders get swamp ass; I get swap bra. Bobby was flat out snoozing when I walked in so I shared his fan for awhile before finally getting both of us ready. 

We took to the outdoor to have more room to practice lateral work and yada yada we're showing in a standard arena sometimes I hate you dressage whatever it's so hot my brain is broken. Someone had set up another line of jumps so both long sides had gymnastics running down them. Did I get off to move them? Fuck no. We carried on. 

I'm really liking the new bit so far. I feel like Bobby's a lot softer in it, and more willing to work with me instead of clamping his jaw shut and ignoring me. Warm up w/t was good, and he quickly got jiggy with being prompt in the canter transitions. We took a long walk break to cool down before doing real work. 

However I might have gotten him a little too quick off the aids because as soon as I closed my leg he launched himself into the canter. Whoa, dude. Just chill. 

I sent him all over the arena, asking for one thing after another to keep him focused, and to kind of put the pressure on him to see if he could handle it. I let him have so many breaks when I ride that he can get a little fruity when faced with one dressage test after another. 

He got a bit stuck in the 10 meter circles going right, and especially doing the ten meter figure eight in 1-3. I'd put my leg on to ask for correct bend on the circle and he would throw up his head and skitter sideways like "WHAT are you doing, lady?" To which I said, "Asking you to move correctly. Now carry on, you great oaf." 

Same with the leg yields. He marched right over the first couple of times, and I probably should have left them there since they didn't really need work, but I stuck a few more in between circles and lengthenings and he started to lose his shit about that. 

The one thing I did have a lot of fun with were his trot lengthenings. He goes through phases where he really powers through them, and then phases where he just goes fast. I gave him a tap on the rump for the first one because there was no push there and he jumped into the canter. I brought him back and asked again with no whip. He. Went. Cruising. Damn, this horse is so fun to ride when he gets it. I hope I can replicate them at the show so I can show you guys. So ballin. 

One thing I did not have fun with was that he kept locking onto jumps whenever we'd veer off the rail for anything. No, Bobby. This weekend is not for the jumping. Suck it up. You've got three more weeks until you get to do that again. 


  1. yea this humidity has got to stop... glad you had a good final school before the show - hope he cruises around the tests like a rock star!

  2. Ah yes, the "i'd rather be jumping" move. classic.

  3. Lengthening and shortening strides at the trot is probably one of my favorites. My TB would pop his toes out and jaws would drop *DAMN!* B... Not so much. He's like, "I'd rather be jogging thank you." Good luck at the show! You guys will do great!

  4. I don't think I've ever sweated so much as I have in the last 2 days. UGHHHH. Y'all fancy-prance away!

  5. I need to re-read the second "keep calm" pic like every day. I have the worst adult ADD ever. Hope all went well at the show!

  6. Ahh, lengthenings.. Let's just say I wish Bobby would whisper in Foster's ear and tell him how it's done!


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