Thursday, September 11, 2014


Or: Being productive? What's that?

Or: About that jumping boot camp...

It rained last night and into this morning which made the outdoor slop. Also, the humidity has returned to unbearable levels. And I wasn't entirely sure I wasn't going to projectile vomit if I moved faster than a crawl earlier. Clearly that called for a ride where I did nothing!


here, have a random show picture to break up text. 

Now to be fair, I figured I'd just switch out a jump school for an easy flat school. Then I got Bobby tacked up and in the indoor....and I spotted the tarp in the corner. Clearly that bad boy had to come out to play. Bobby took a snooze as I shook it out and flopped it in the middle of the ring in some semblance of flatness.

I got on and we immediately marched over to it. Now I would not consider Bobby a spooky horse by any means. He goes through life with the mantra "When in doubt, stomp it out." If you have stomped to death whatever might be threatening you, it cannot harm you. Unsurprisingly, he planted one hoof on it from the get-go and dropped his nose down to give it a sniff.

Or at least I thought he was giving it a sniff. Two seconds later his head came up and I hear a long ripping sound. When in doubt, stomp it out...and shred it to pieces?

We had a little frolic over it for awhile before deciding that was getting boring. From there I moved on to the hula hoops hanging off the wall. I reached over to grab them and they gave a giant rattle. Bobby was taken by surprise and scooted backwards.

He wasn't too impressed with the hula hoops in general. I swung them around both our heads, banged them off my leg, hung them around his neck, and generally made them obnoxious. He stood there without fidgeting, and walked and trotted calmly, but his ears were swiveled back to me the whole time like, "I'm okay with this, but I'm not okay with this."

and another.

Then I dragged one of the freshly stuffed flower boxes out and plopped it at D. We trotted that both directions first before cantering it. Bobby loped right over without blinking. See? Sort of jump school--we practiced jumping skinnies at an angle!

So then obviously we had to string all these things together. Reins in one hand, hula hoop in the other, we cantered over the tarp and around over the flower box.

And that was literally all we did today under saddle. Played with toys. To try to get something accomplished, I also tidied up his mane and tail. Not a total waste of a day?


  1. Sounds productive to me! Hey, at least you rode....that totally counts :)

  2. sounds good to me. at least you got *in* the saddle lol.

    1. lol - way to go me for echoing other comments almost word for word - that's what i get for not refreshing before posting..

  3. Bobby sounds like he could be a therapy horse!

  4. Hey, I should have done that with Tango today! He decided that he had NEVER SEEN the stretch of pavement between the barn and the arena EVER BEFORE. Which is silly because... we walk there every day. But okkkaaayyy buddy, whatevs.

    "When in doubt, stomp it out." Can Bobby come teach Tango some things?

  5. It's a productive school!! Doing lots of "weird" things with our horses keeps them well rounded :)

  6. Helmet cam or it didn't happen. =P

  7. Bobby, y u so normal about weird things, and weird about normal things?

    1. Srsly. The question I ask him every day.

  8. Way to school creatively. Bobby is SO all-around!

    *when in doubt, stomp it out* lol :D

  9. That's actually just what I've been wanting to do. Sounds fun.


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