Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh, you know. Just being hunters.


We are not hunters. Bobby and I played a little game called "Will Bobby lose his shit jumping in a bit since Carly left all her jump tack at home?" And then I added on to that with "Let's go ahead and put a standing martingale on to match this fancy stitch snaffle bridle, and we'll call you a hunter horse for blogging purposes."

But mostly it was just that I forgot my jump tack at home.

not coming to a hunter show near you.

Bobby put in a very good dressage school Saturday, and he was forward and relaxed while flatting Sunday. I went into the ride fully prepared to quit after one jump if Bobby showed any indication of being put off by the bit. However, he didn't seem to mind it, only getting a little fussy in the mouth between fences.

We warmed up with a 2'9" oxer a couple times, and then added in a 2' vertical on the diagonal out of the corner.

maybe it was 3'? didn't look massive in any case.

I actually shamelessly stole a course from Pony'tude (Direct link to said course that was stolen. Thanks, Alli! :P)

We jumped two or three more fences on their own before running through the whole course.

Bobby jumped around supremely calmly (for him), and I actually managed to keep my shit together the entire time. Doing course work is so important for me because my main issue lies with not being able to move on from one jump to the next. I have to ingrain it in my head that I have to ride the entire course and one bad jump isn't going to kill me...unless I get hung up on it and stop riding the rest of the jumps.

the two stride was set very low (like maybe 2'3")....

...which was obvi a good reason to just go flying through it. 

The turns were just tricky enough not to cause panic, but to definitely have to think about how to ride them. If I can make my fucking brain relax at shows--and, also, make my horse relax--stadium will not be such a cluster.

Stupid brain.

We did the course one more time for video's sake:

And then called it quits after that since he was such a very good pony britches.

I won't be getting rid of my hackamore anytime soon, but I was really happy that he's finally trusting me enough now not to whack him in the mouth that he went around in his dressage bit.


  1. Just a casual observation....does Bobs always race at jumps?

    1. That's not racing at jumps for him. That is cool as a cucumber compared to what he's like at shows.

  2. Hah, glad you enjoyed the course! Bobby got SO EXCITED about that 2-stride, he was all "I WILL EAT YOU FOR BREAKFAST".

  3. Man, he can really turn on the gas when he wants to!

    1. That's SLOW for how he usually jumps!!

  4. Ha ha ha! What a chipper fellow. Looks excited to do his job!

  5. He showed that two stride who's boss!

  6. Noo do do come to a Hunter Show near me :)

  7. Nice course! Lovin' the release over that first oxer :D

  8. Looking good! I didnt think he looked quick at all except for getting a bit excited about the 2 stride. What a cutie!


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