Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blah blah

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I've been all, "I'm going to write a post about something!!" and then two seconds later, I don't even know what day of the week it is or what the hell I would write a post about.

But there have been so many things happening, and before you get too excited, not a single one of them is interesting. Well, unless you're going to count that my birthday was Monday and when I opened the mail box I got all the things. My One Horse shirt, my Higher Standards soap and conditioner, and three birthday cards with birthday monies!

I'm planning on prancing around Plantation in my new shirt so you'll just have to wait for the weekend for pictures of that fanciness, but I did do a full assault on my tack with my new leather cleaner. Of course, I did the worst job documenting before and after pictures, but I will give a brief rundown of my thoughts.

first of all, it's pig dog taste test approved.
second of all, don't let your dogs eat soap. she wanted to smell it, and immediately started licking it.
there's a reason she ends up at the vet so often. 

I ordered the Vanilla Lavender smellums, and while you can definitely smell the lavender (and no vanilla), it's not overpowering. It's not a super lathery type of cleaner which means you're not forever wiping excess soap off as you go. You also don't need to use a lot which is perfect because I'm cheap and want things to last forever.

I'd wiped down my jump tack of all the dried on sweat from my last show before I'd gotten this soap, but I went over it again when it came. While it didn't make my tack magically glow after use, it did remove a fair amount of dirt that I hadn't even noticed was on there.

My jump saddle, however....

it was legit shiny!

After a good scrub with the soap (my saddle was filthy) and a coat of conditioner, it looked the best it's ever looked since before I even bought it off of O. So pretty!

The soap stayed in my locker at the barn for every day use while the conditioner came home with my for show use. Much thanks to Karen for hosting the contest!

In other news, Bobby has shifted his sneaky "I'm a little off....but only for one, I'm not off at all...okay, maybe for a second...." from his RF foot to his LF. Last time it turned out to be an abscess, so that's half how I'm treating it now, and half as general foot soreness. He has gotten no feel good candy at all this time around because Plantation is a more intense course, and the show jumping isn't on grass. I don't want to mask any unevenness only to get down there and have him be uncomfortable.

buttercup head surveys his territory.

He is getting ridden in the meantime. He's not lame, and he goes to work with a happy attitude. On Monday we had an easy dressage school in the outdoor, Tuesday he had off (but still got his foot soaked), and today we did another jump school around the same course from Sunday.

I'd knocked everything up to 3' to get us in the mood for this weekend, and Bobby responded by also ramping up his speed demon side. He was getting the distances, but in that semi-awkward in-between stage where it's not exactly the right spot, but it's not wrong either. It was throwing me off a bit, and while I was able to focus on the next jump, it was more my memory kicking in and knowing where to turn than actual preparation.

It's frustrating when surviving a course seems like a win. I want the course to ride smoothly and easily, not like a jumper course. But that's essentially what a stadium course is. If I want a hunter round, I need to buy a hunter horse. Bobby doesn't do slow and steady. Bobby also goes no matter what, and he doesn't pull rails. I have to appreciate what I have and stop being pouty that it's not perfect.

perfectly giant and awkward, always!

And finally, to wrap up this rambling post, I've had three different people at the barn tell me to think about putting shoes back on Bobby. To which my immediate response is "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How many months did this horse sit on the sidelines doing nothing to get him barefoot? I'm not throwing away all that hard work and how much his hooves have changed for the better to have him be sound on piles of shale for a week before he rips a shoe off and starts the whole downward spiral again.

This is his first spring and going into his first summer of being barefoot. His little tootsies have to adjust to the harder ground. He's not uncomfortable in the arenas or on grass, and he's in solid work. He'll get to the point again where he can trot up and down the driveway without taking the occasional ouchy step on the gravel.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. Trying not be a defeatist here.


  1. I wouldn't surrender and do shoes yet. Give it more time, their feet really do toughen up. That being said, not all horses can be barefoot but I don't think you're being ignorant by giving him more time.

  2. Yay shirt! Anxiously awaiting pictures. I really need to get me some higher standards stuff. I've been saying that for months, it really is time now.

  3. Love Higher Standards. I might be a little addicted. S'okay.

    And I want to redact one of your sentences: "It's frustrating when surviving a course seems like a win." How about, "It's frustrating when surviving a line seems like a win." Just.. strive for more, but remember that you've come a long ways, too.

    Happy belated birthday. Way to share your address with the interwebs so we could send you shit, too. I keep eye-balling some skull socks on my walk to my car. Just saying.

    And I second, third, whatever, the thing about the shoes. I know some permanently-barefoot horses that still get tender on gravel. It's a freaking pointy rock. Shouldn't that hurt?

  4. Dang, that saddle is really shiny!

  5. My two are still occasionally ouchy on gravel. It happens. But if you don't ever work with then they won't get better. :-) and I'm with's a pointy should hurt! Haha

  6. Penny is doing the same foot dance right annoying. Hope it works out for you.

  7. REally, who wouldn't get ouchy walking on hard, rocky ground. If he's sound in the arens, field, and trail, then why mess with a good thing. His feel look miles better, and every time my princess rips out her shoes and I see the big gouges from the clips and nails, i think of Bobby and how rough shoes can be.

  8. You know your horse better than anyone, so stay with whatever you feel is working best. Good luck this weekend!

  9. I found that all the horse I have had that are/were bare foot are perfectly sound - except on gravel or really rocky/uneven ground. And it's not that their hooves aren't tough enough to stand it, they just get ouchie if they stand on a big pointy stone!

    Given that Bobby IS doing so well barefoot, I would give him more time as well. It's frustrating, but he has come a loooong way already from where he was!

    bonita of A Riding Habit

  10. LOVE HS soap! It's the bomb diggity


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