Thursday, June 12, 2014

Off with their hair!

After ten bajillion polar vortexes this winter, NE PA has jumped right into lava burning vortexes. My poor little baby animals are not feeling it. Or they are feeling it--by dying of heat stroke.

The Kelpie started acting lethargic over the weekend, and she didn't even have the energy to try to eat any of our blogger visitors at the show. That's not at all like her, and when she ran after the ball once on Monday only to flop down at my feet already panting hard, I pulled out the clippers. I've been using the furminator on her daily, but it clearly wasn't cutting it. The result is one ridiculously silly looking cow dog, but she's a million times happier and back to being a complete nut case.

"this is so embarrassing. please don't document this."

Clearly I am a legit dog groomer. Send me your hounds. They'll come out looking just as majestic!

Also on Monday, Bobby got a massage. He started cross cantering to the right which is his tell tale sign he needs his butt rubbed. So my friend F came to work all his knots and sore spots out. However, I wasn't so impressed this time around. I don't think she spent enough time on him, and he swapped behind twice in our ride today. So I'm out $60 for pretty much nothing. Time to start saving up $160 for the chiro to do real work. Grr.

On Tuesday he got all his hair shaved off. When I body clipped him in March, it never actually warmed up so he just grew in another winter coat. It hasn't been shedding out fast enough, and he's been absolutely soaked after hard work outs. The nice part about clipping this time was that you can barely tell it got done. No blade lines ftw!

naked horse waiting for a dressage school wednesday.
he had monday and tuesday off.

Wednesday morning he got an easy w/t/c ride with a few leg yields thrown in both ways. He was feeling really light and forward, but he didn't have to do much so it was hard to gauge if the massage had done anything for him.

Today he got another dressage ride. We're back at First next Saturday and I really want to improve our scores from last time out. With that in mind, I pushed Bobby for bigger, more uphill, and straighter gaits than we usually loaf around in. After he had a long stretchy warm up and a brief temper tantrum over me switching the dressage whip from one hand to another, he was a total stud.

I still don't have spurs (and I might have to shank the lady I'm trying to buy them off of on facebook if she doesn't invoice me...or at least buy from someone else), but today he was absolutely on point with any lateral work I asked him to do. Maybe it was the looming threat of the dressage whip in my hand, but whatever it was I'll take it. His leg yields in particular were super straight and not rushed. If today's horse can stick around for awhile, we'll be golden.

in other news, PUPPY!!
one of the barn girls just got a hound puppy and we all died of cuteness.
taking a nap on bobby's lead rope while i got him ready.

He'll probably have tomorrow off, and then get worked through the weekend and on Monday. Having a show Saturday instead of Sunday is going to mess with my neurotic, tried and true riding schedule. I'll have to think this one out some more.


Video of our cross country run from Sunday, link HERE. Youtube is being a whore and pretending I don't know what I'm talking about.


  1. Wheeee XC video looks like fun!

  2. We used to shave our golden retriever and chow mix growing up. They looked like funny cartoon dogs since we left their face and usually a poof at the end of their tails, but they LOVED it.

    Does your cattle dog shed? I have heard they don't really shed but mine does. all. the. time. She has thick mo-hawk of long coarse hair down her back this constantly weaving it's way into my clothes and car seats. I brushed her regularly for a while (which she was not a fan of) but it didn't really help. Do you have this problem or is just lucky me?

    1. My heeler/border collie sheds, but the kelpie is just one giant ball of fluff. She gets the tufts of hair hanging off her hips that come out, but she never sheds out enough to get a real summer coat.

  3. Wow I didn't think Bobby looked hairy at all last weekend! Fingers crossed that Good Dressage Bobby sticks around for your show.

  4. Lol, lots of clipping. My dog gets trimmed down, but i can't make an Aussie naked in good conscious.

    1. My BM does a full clip on her Aussie. He looks just as silly, but since he spends his days rolling around in barn dirt, at least he's easier to clean!

  5. That puppy might be the cutest thing ever! Love the XC video!

  6. Haha your XC video is great! Loved your commentary ;)

  7. $160 for chiro? Ouch...I pay $60... :(

  8. Do you still need spurs? I think I have an extra pair, hardly used. Let me know.


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