Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Review, May Goals

April goals recap:

1. Time dressage warm up. Ten minutes on the longe followed by another ten minutes under saddle before asking for real work is the best formula. However, without a spin on the line first, fifteen to twenty minutes of long and low under saddle is needed. Ten minutes will suffice if he's being generous.

2. Be completely comfortable jumping 3' courses. I half finished this goal...I guess? It just depends on the day. Sometimes I think 2' is terrifying, sometimes I think 3'3" is a snooze. My brain. It is broken.

3. Trot sets. Once a week, every week. He's definitely getting a lot fitter.

4. Solidify leg yields. I can get them when I ask for them now. They're not perfect, but they're as good as they've ever been.

april: winner for most awkward face ever.

May goals:

1. Don't ride differently at shows than at home. Unless it's for the better, of course. That means no blanking during dressage tests, and not too much floundering during jumping.

2. Improve the sitting trot. Self explanatory, no? I'm still getting used to riding in a dressage saddle again, and my sitting trot is still a bit wonky.

3. Plan June shows. The revamping of my previous show schedule left me with no long-term shows. Time to start perusing the omnibus again!

4. Drive the truck and trailer myself. Um, right? The whole point of buying me a truck this spring was so that I was capable of going places alone. So far the only place we've taken Robert with it is to a clinic that Hubby was able to attend so he drove. But the time has come for me to learn. Anyone in the Wilkes Barre PA area, stay locked inside!

That looks relatively unambitious to me, but it's all I could come up with that really needs working on at the moment. That's good?


  1. Sounds good to me! I love the conformation pictures. Especially the faces :)

  2. It's not your brain, and it isn't broken! You can feel when he is ready and when he isn't. They get that easy-riding, tractor-beam-to-the-jump feeling, and it doesn't matter what size the fence is. You know you've got it!
    If they feel like anything else, terror strikes - and rightfully so!
    You know what I'm talking about, don't you? ;)
    FP and I went from skinny barrel to cross-rail grids back to skinny barrel because the way she was approaching wasn't consistent. The cross-rails got terrifying!!

  3. His face may be awkward, but his body is looking fiiiiiiine. ;)

  4. He is really looking good. His face just makes the picture even better.

  5. So... I really hope you meticulously chronicle your adventures in learning to drive a truck and trailer. Because I want to do that eventually... and really have no idea where to start. LOL

    Plus, I feel like your responses to learning would be epic on video. Just sayin'

  6. I'm with Tracy...please do take video.

    I think Bobby's awkward faces are just part of his charm :)

  7. #1 is a really, really good goal. It took me YEARS to figure out that I shouldn't change my entire riding strategy the morning of a horse show.

  8. Great progress on your goals and really good new goals! Hauling alone is on my *eventual* goal list.

  9. That seems like just the right amount of stuff to work on to me.

  10. My goal is to not ride differently at shows as well. That's been my goal for 3-4 years now and I still haven't accomplished it. :(

  11. you don't drive your rig? Crazy girl...I love hitting the road with my ponies. Lots of practice and you will be good to go!

  12. I bet your sitting trot will appear like Bazam!


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