Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Debrief.

Don't hold your breath for a single informative or in depth post this week. I'm waging war on Bobby's feet--the same feet that are barefoot because I wanted a show season this year without having to worry about them--and there isn't a whole lot of constructive riding going on. 

Bobby is sound, and I am still planning on showing this weekend especially since everything is on grass. But sound feet and healthy feet are not necessarily the same. I'm about ready to shank this fucking RF, just as soon as I'm done torturing it with every chemical known to man. 

To tide you over until I can think of some fluff posts to fill the rest of the week, here are a few pictures from our dressage ride Sunday.

warming up long and low.
this is about as low as bobby gets.

leg yield.
let me interpret that horrible look on my face in two words:
sitting trot.

forgetting that i was supposed to avoid the far end because of how deep it was.
bobby had to engage the 4WD to get us out.

floating right elbow of doom. 


  1. At least Bobby engages the 4WD. Mollie probably would have halted and looked at me with dismay on her face, wondering why her moronic mother got her into such a situation yet again.

  2. Whoa look at how uphill he is in the 4WD photo! Love it.

  3. He looks so muscular and dreamy!

  4. Hopefully you can get his feet all happy!!

  5. His ass is looking really fabulous.

  6. Bobby is such a good lookin' son of a gun.


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