Monday, April 28, 2014

So many interesting things!

Where has the time gone? Why have posts not been writing themselves? I appear to have been sucked into the Rolex vortex, and I also spent way too much time frolicking around outside "helping" Hubby "plant the garden". That really just involved me throwing the dog's football and occasionally wielding a rake. But I am so good at moral support!

Have there been interesting things going on in the life of one Bobby Magee in my abbreviated absence? Nope. Not really. I'll try to make it sound like there has been though.

i have no idea what i'm looking at, but it was obvi fascinating.

We had a very abbreviated jumping session on Thursday where we went through a triple combination that was all of 2' about four times total. It was only made notable by how intent my underwear was about invading my personal space, if you know what I mean.

i only have flat pictures to share. sorrynotsorry.

Friday exciting things did happen. Or really, they would have happened if I had had to get off my horse and beat the holy shit out of one young gelding that was channeling some wild stallion vibes which including staring us down fully erect with his ears pinned. Oh hell to the no. Fortunately, I have yet to meet a horse that has not yielded to the voice of Carly the "I will take you down, mother fucker" Horse God, and after he got his verbal smack down he stayed well clear of us.

But wait! I even have helmet cam footage from this!

I think it goes without saying that you should never ride your horse among a group of other horses unless you're a) retarded, b) on a horse you trust implicitly not react to other horses shenanigans, or c) a certified horse whisperer yeller. I am all of these things so I've yet to have a problem.

Want to seem more breathtaking helmet cam footage of our conditioning ride on Friday that also involved a few very tiny jumps? Yes, I thought you might.

If you're debating whether on not you have two minutes of your life to spare to watch the above videos, I'll go ahead and tell you to find something better to fill your time. Nothing exciting happens in them.

Sooo, where does that bring us? This is the problem with being such a lazy fucking blogger. I feel like I have to make everything interesting as opposed to just one ride. Hmm. Saturday Bobby had off. Sunday we ran through all three First tests. Or really, I ran through all through tests. Bobby slept through them, and he was mortally offended when I got after him in our last canter in 1-3 because he thought he should be done. Poor, poor Robert.

too sleepy in 1-1.

Today we did more dressage. Bobby was a little more alive for this round, which included locking onto a pile of ground poles that was making up our "dressage arena" while doing counter canter serpentines, snatching the reins, and blowing over them like he'd gotten some Rolex inspiration himself. Taken by surprise, I pulled a one-rein stop and further cemented the idea in Bobby's brain that jumping in a bit is never a good idea because I am clearly trying TO KILL HIM. Nevermind that we weren't actually jumping. I had to take a moment to talk him off the ledge before we could proceed with our regularly scheduled programming again.

either lengthening or just looking awkward.

Other than that, he was pretty good until the very end when I wanted to do a couple of trot-halt-trots to finish.

Bobby said no.

Bobby said he has never been asked to do such a ridiculous exercise before.

Bobby said that clearly the better option was to give your rider the dirtiest look possible, and if that didn't work, try going sideways instead of forward.

hold on, bobby. didn't we just practice halts yesterday?

What could have been two minutes of practice turned into fifteen. I normally tread very cautiously when it comes to Bobby having a mental tantrum as he's not the most stable of dudes, but he was really being pretty absurd. Plus, he wasn't getting wound up about not wanting to trot off. He was just like, "Nope. Not today, thank you."

But we did manage to finish how I wanted, and he got a warm, soapy bath and a long graze in the sun afterwards. I win this one, Mr Magee!

he leads a rough life.

Also, I need ten thousand pairs of new gloves. Look! A giveaway just for me!


  1. Kudos to Robert for keeping his sheeeeet together with those horses. Mollie would have had a small heart attack and fled for cover.

  2. I daresay he's looking mighty fancy under saddle though!

  3. Yeah for all his shenanigans he's looking really damn good.

  4. If I was a horse, I would run too.

  5. Boy, he is looking all muscle-y and shiny!

  6. The helmet cam footage was fun to watch! I love his relaxed, yet attentive ears.

  7. If you think you have a hard time writing interesting posts, try having a semi-retired horse in which the excitement of the week is finally shedding out all of his winter coat.

    1. At least Princely has the benefit of being really, really cute!

  8. I adore the way you and Robert communicate with each other! But you guys definitely look great, and ready to kick some butt :)

  9. He's looking really good Carly! I love the sleepy canter photo! And I always enjoy your posts. :)

  10. What a good boy to keep his cool while his rider scares off other horses from his back.

  11. Apparently Bobby is more of a stud muffin than you give him credit for ;)

  12. For all his special moments, he's really coming together quite nicely!

  13. Love the helmet cam footage and the overall brave pony-ness exhibited by your magnificent steed ;)


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