Monday, April 21, 2014

We have lift off! Or just lifting.

I'm going to have to do something about this whole picture taking thing. There must be pictures for a blog post, and no one wants to see napping Bobby pictures every day, so Hubby is going to have to keep coming out on weekends to do cameraman duty. But I think I'm going to have to stuff him under the bleachers where he can go all incognito, and I can pretend like he doesn't exist.

The difference in my rides when there's someone in the arena with me that I want to talk to and the rides where I'm either by myself or with someone I can't carry on a nonstop conversation with are marked. I can't stay focused on Bobby, my corrections are sharper (and not in a good way) because I can't make my brain slow down to work through the issue methodically like Bobby requires, and I rush through warm up.

oh, hey. don't mind me slouching and bobby clamping his jaw shut.
we're just working hard on ignoring each other.

I did throw Bobby on the longe first yesterday before our ride which really helps loosen up his back and get his muscles warm. Ever since the Lyme diagnosis, he starts out pretty stiffly and he needs as much long and low as he can get to move out comfortably.

Once I got on after the very abbreviated longe that involved no cantering due to lack of space from another horse in the arena, he was actually really lovely and soft both at the walk and long as we were going left.

so cute.

To the right, he went back to hauling on my left rein. He's so off and on about the days he does this. Some days he won't pull even fractionally while other days he just dumps himself onto that puppy. I don't know if it's something I'm doing differently, or if it's a physical issue for him--like he's sore that day, or the old neck injury on his left side is hurting, or what. I've been having success with counter bending him to lighten up on it, but I was too busy blabbing to Hubby to complete the process and it wasn't until the very end of the ride that he finally lightened up as much as I'd like.

hubby told me he'd build me a back brace out of wood and metal rods if i didn't sit up.
i might take him up on that. but look how cute the pony is!

I'm also having a new problem sitting the canter. This dressage saddle must fit him a lot better over his shoulders than my jump saddle because he is having no issues with lifting his front end up...way up. He's always had a lot of front-end jump to his canter which is all well and good, but now it's cray cray. I don't even know how to describe it. It's just really hard to keep my ass planted when his entire body is leaping through the air like some charging war stallion.

sure, it looks innocent enough...

We finished up the ride with a run-through of 1-3. Hot damn, you can really feel those twenty feet of arena our outdoor is missing from being the length of a standard dressage ring when trying to leg yield off the rail to X, and then do two ten meter circles. Bobby tried his hardest though, and he didn't get frazzled when I asked him to really hustle over. Small win!

He also nearly flung me right out of the saddle for our final trot lengthening much to Hubby's delight. I like that he's feeling good enough to really reach out and use his hind end to propel his front end to such heights but I am so incapable of keeping up with him right now. I don't know how the hell people sit big, fancy Warmbloods' extended gaits. It's going to take lots of hours in the dressage saddle to get comfortable with it again.

first lengthening.

He got today's super warm day off to enjoy running naked in the sacrifice area since the grass is finally coming in and everyone is locked off of it. Back to flat boot camp tomorrow. Hopefully Hubby has that brace finished by then so I can sit slightly straighter than a scoliosis patient.


  1. Love the pictures! And Bobby is quite the muscleman :)

  2. I know for Connor, he moves a lot more up in the Dressage saddle because he feels like he can move his shoulder without hitting the saddle. Maybe Bobby is the same way?

    I am with you on conversing, people talk to me while I ride and I'm like "Can't...focus..."

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful ride! Bobby is so handsome :)

  4. What a sweet offer from your hubby for the back brace lol!!

    Can he build me one for my shoulders?! lol

  5. to keep your ass planted in the saddle when he canters you gotta think Napoleon!

    <--- To the snack bar!

    1. I think I just wet myself a little laughing so hard.

  6. I get the same way when people watch me ride. Let me know when you build that brace I want one :)

  7. I want to see what he can

  8. Back brace with little spikes when you lean on it? I'm sure hubby could get real creative with it for you ;) Bobby looks great, he's really stretching out like a pro. I don't think I could handle any more animation in my mare's canter, so I have major sympathy with trying to sit one lol.

  9. He truly knows how to transform into the swan doesn't he!

  10. Bobby looks all muscular and solid, especially in that last one!

  11. At least you have pictures! I've resorted to using stock photos because ... I can't take pictures of myself riding very well.

  12. 1-3 in a shortened court?! Yikes! You guys look great :)


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