Monday, August 19, 2013

Product Review: Equine Aid

Every spring, I compile a giant list of things I need to get ready for the show season. Occasionally big items crop up: a new saddle (or two), a helmet to replace the one I landed on my head in, or new galloping boots. Mostly, though, it's a grocery list of smaller items:

  • Black gloves--because although I start each year with several pairs and keep adding more throughout the months, once I clean out my show trunk they're just...gone. 
  • Knee socks--because like black gloves, their soul mates tend to leave them all by themselves. One time I even found a loner in the back (as in bed) of Hubby's truck like a month after a show.
  • Hair nets--because I inevitably skewer them with bobby pins to try to tame my very thick, very long hair and then I get frustrated at how long it takes to remove them and just rip the hair net to shreds.
  • And speaking of bobby pins....
i mean, really.
Last year on my list of things to replace was my bucket of Horse Quencher. Bobby loved the taste of this when I first bought it in 2011, but by the end of 2012, he slowly began ignoring it and opting for his plain ole H2O. When he wouldn't go near the stuff this year, I started to keep my eye out on something else that would encourage him to drink.

Bobby is an excessive sweater. He stands around when it's hot, swishes his tail, and BAM--he's lathered in sweat. He's never been a bad drinker, but doesn't drink like a horse who sweats so much should. This turns into a bit of a war at horse shows when he doesn't have access to nonstop water on the trailer and he's only had half a bucket to drink in the six-plus hours he's been away from the barn. 

While he does drink a good amount coming off of cross country, he doesn't drink at all after dressage, and usually he doesn't drink while waiting for the jumping phases to start. In PA, where the chances of running an event in 90* heat is high, that's no bueno. 

Back in July, I saw this blog post on Equine Aid. I like any concept of getting my horse to drink, and I bookmarked the page. Then I saw Kate's giveaway on her blog. Free samples? Heck yes! Unfortunately, I didn't win, but fortunately, the wonderful people at Equine Aid contacted me and offered some samples anyway. Ballin'!

I got them today and took them to the barn. It's cool today--in the seventies--so this was definitely going to be a good test if Mr I Don't Drink Unless It's Five Thousand Degrees Out and I Just Ran For Ten Minutes would like the product. I brought him in just before his dinner and dumped the packet in. He was very interested in the crinkly wrapper, but once in the water, he ignored me and took a good chug of his plain water. To be fair, it does kind of make the water look like a Louisiana swamp.

As I was grooming him, he started to lip at the Equine Aid water, and then he started playing in it. It was like he loved the smell of it (sooo good--it smells like delicious muffins!), but couldn't bring himself to drink funky looking water. 

I hung around while he ate his grain, helped BM turn out horses, and then glanced into his stall again. A quarter of the green water was gone! He continued to choose the Equine Aid water over his plain water as he went to work on his hay. Mission accomplished.

I'll definitely be adding these to the show list next spring. I like how compact the packets are so I don't have to lug around a bucket, and I also love the price of them. I really think these will really help Bobby drink more which will hopefully keep him from coming back from a BN or N event looking like he instead ran around the Grand National. Twice. 

because who goes so slow around a BN course that they
pick up time faults, but looks like they just made time at A?


  1. Fiction is the same way - while he doesn't sweat very much, he certainly doesn't drink as much as I would like him to. I might look into these as well. As of right now, all I've been doing is giving him a scoop of electrolytes before and after the show to try and prompt him to drink/replenish electrolytes.

  2. Swamps taste awesome don't you know. And rock the mismatched socks girl!

  3. I just got some too. Super excited to review! Glad the packets worked so well for Mr. Bobby. :)

  4. Thank goodness I have a good drinker. So glad it worked though a muffin-smelling-swamp sounds very strange indeed.

  5. Simon has the same sweating problem. I'll have to check out that stuff!

  6. Awesome! They offered me a free trial too even though I didn't win. I got some in the mail today! so I am planning to try them out on Hue on Wednesday.

  7. Oh yay glad you like them! I got some samples as well and haven't had a chance to try them but am excited to and hopefully Henry likes them.

    PS I lose socks and go through hair nets like crazy too!


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