Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UPD Mounted Police

Since there is nothing particularly exciting going on in the world of Bobby and I, I wanted to share this article from the college I went to about UPD's mounted police.

Click here to read about Jack.

Jack came to the school the year after I graduated, but I remember seeing him in the barn when I went to stalk visit Bobby when he retired. Kind of a homely dude with a bit of a pissy attitude, but it looks like he's taken to his new job.

Why the tiny campus of Cobleskill needs a mounted police officer is slightly questionable, but whatevs. If you got it, flaunt it, right? Kind of a cool story.


  1. I love when horses have "real" jobs.

  2. That is awesome!
    P.S. I want that breast collar and have wanted it ever since I saw Dances With Wolves
    P.P.S on a side note regarding mounted patrol. My ex's brother was arrested for "assaulting an officer" for smacking a police horse in the ass when he was drunk downtown one night. He didn't realize that there would be police horses downtown...I still shake my head at that one...

  3. Part of my old job was training horses for various mounted PD's... both in the cities (Newark and Philly) and on campus (Rutgers).

  4. My Dad saw the Prov. MPD ride at a memorial service and called me immediately telling me to quit my job so I can join the Mounted PD... The father who had just told me to go back to school and be a vet because being a tech wasn't good enough. I hung up on him hahaha.


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