Friday, August 9, 2013

Trying all the things

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to read everyone else's blogs and learning about different riding styles. The catch to this is that you all make me want to try everything.

Cows? OMG, yes.

Barrel racing? Check! We'll certainly be back for more of this.

Saddle seat? Puh-lease!! On the lookout for a place around here to take a lesson.

Driving? Bring it on.

BO gave me a crash course back in May on how to hitch up and drive (on her very broke horses), and the other day I was talking with BM about how I should get started on getting Bobby to drive now that we're kind of in competition limbo. She agreed, disappeared for a minute, and came back to announce that she'd uncovered a harness that should fit Bobby.

I double checked with BO that I could use it, gave it a good scrubbing, and pulled it and my horse out today.

"where exactly are you headed with this idea, lady?"
I rode him Wednesday and he was one hundred percent at the walk and trot, but only ninety percent at the canter. I didn't think he'd have any issue wandering around the farm at a walk, and he didn't take a mincey step the whole time.

I had BM and one of my fellow boarders that also knows how to drive double check my first solo tacking up and got the thumbs up. I borrowed BO's driving whip, and away we went!

steering and picture taking.
very tricky.

After I confirmed he remembered his steering and brakes (Bobby was ground driven and long lined to death as a baby, and he trained and raced in blinkers, so he's got a huge head start in the basics), we dove off down the trail. I was so busy taking pictures that I let him wander off to the side of the trail and he almost walked into a tree, but other than that, he was foot perfect.

We stopped in the driveway right outside the barn on our way back to have one of the barn moms take our picture.

"warning: i am so over this."

Bobby stood quietly for about thirty seconds before deciding he was done for the day, it was hot out, and the bugs were horrible. So he started his favorite evasion--spinning in circles.

whoa, wild pony!

I ended up grabbing his bridle to get him to stand still and giving him some scratches, slowly working my way back to his hind end.

nothing can go wrong when there are butt scratches.

He tolerated that until I stopped scratching to pick up both lines and then, instead of just going forwards to the barn like I had intended, he spun around again. Tool.

just go forward, bobby!

I finally got us straightened out and I sent him off at the trot to finish on a good note. We got a big "Go, Bobby!" as we passed our driving-savvy boarder on her way out, and then calmly came back to a walk and halt to get untacked. Definitely a success!

We're going to practice dragging things this weekend, but we'll obviously waiting for professional help before bringing a cart into the picture. Still. Driving Bobby. So exciting.


  1. Yay Bobby! I have been thinking of teaching Hemie how to ground drive (and maybe one day, drive with a cart). Growing up with saddlebreds, all of them were taught to drive - a great way to exercise them without the weight of a rider on their back! And I occasionally drive a mini for a friend of mine. Teehee so cute!

  2. that's awesome, so good for his brain, and keeps you entertained... I agree, the more blogs you read, the more things you want to try....

  3. This is so cool! Yay for Bobby! You guys are becoming totally equine bilingual.

  4. What fun!! I love how he's compliant with all the things you try with him :)

  5. this is awesome and sounds like so much fun! At our stables we have a miniature shetland pony that does driving and it looks so much fun!

    I love the concept of being able to take a horse out to do a bunch of different things, turning them into a jack of all trades. There's always more that you can do with our equine partners :)
    Have a blast!

  7. Where have I been all your blog life? Oh right.. pretending i'm not a blogger anymore haha. Thanks for the cow shout-out homie, although due to Jingle's lameness this has been a pretty uneventful cow summer, hopefully that changes in the future.

    I want you and Bobby to try sorting - you'd love it. In other news, I've decided that Jingle's newest job is going to be dressage... perhaps eventing will come after that?


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