Friday, August 16, 2013

Back aboard

Bobby earned an entire sheet of gold stars for his driving session Thursday. Got him hitched, drove him halfway around the ring, and BM hopped in the cart. Zero issues. He walked off when asked, he stood quietly when halted, and he was actually leaning into the harness to pull BM's added weight. He was doing so well that he even trotted off and made two full laps before we asked him to walk again. We came down the center line and halted halfway.

Bobby seemed totally pleased with himself and hung out with a hind foot cocked. BM decided that to end we'd walk a full lap around the arena to get to our unhitching spot facing away from the gate. Well, Bobby thought he had done more than enough for the day and started to bunch up like he was going to throw a fit. "You want me to do what? I did more than you asked me to. It's time for me to get my cookies and go back out! My job here is done."

So we gave him another second to just chill until he decided to walk off on his own. We made the turn onto the rail and he picked up the trot again. He trotted all the way around to his unhitching spot and then stood like a gentleman while he got unhitched and fawned over.  Hopefully he's figured this out enough so that when I attempt it tomorrow without BM for the first time (K should be around, and Hubby will be with me), no one will die. Stay tuned.

out of driving pics, so here's my stripey kitten instead. 
Today, I had planned on giving him a rest, but he was so full of himself yesterday that I opted for a trail ride instead. We trotted almost the entire time and he was chugging along like a beast. He ignored the deer crashing around in the trees next to him, but spooked at some tree bark on the ground. After he had a little dance around it and gave it a warning snort, he trampled right over it. Another Bobby mantra: "When in doubt, stomp it out."

We hung out in the creek for awhile, snorkeling and splashing until we were both thoroughly soaked. We even had a frolic over the downed trees on the path. Trail riding and jumping logs? It's just like we're eventing! Right?

Unfortunately, his standing still manners in harness seem to have not carried over to under saddle. After a minor discussion, he stood still for his bath. Naughty horse.


  1. Oh yeah I hope no one dies! :) Silly Bobby.

  2. You've got such a cool place to trail ride! Lol at the snake/bark.

  3. lol, if in doubt, stomp it out.

  4. Seriously. Combined driving. You guys would kick ass. PLUS if he encounters any firebreathing beasts, Bobby could stomp on them and everyone would applaud his high stepping fanciness. Win Win.

  5. Wow. Bobby has been so amazing about this whole thing.


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