Friday, June 15, 2012


Some days, I really wonder why I have pets at all. Because I love animals! Only some days, I really don't. I woke up this morning later than usual and when I opened the back door to let the dogs out, there were six cooing chickens chilling on the patio. "Hey, Food Lady. We're ready for breakfast. Where've you been?" Yes, they do have their own house. No, they are not free range birds. They'd simply found a way to let themselves out. Fortunately, they're super friendly birds and I scooped up the three Comets, herded two of the Leghorns, and let the third run around the yard in her morning dash like she does about three times a week when she gets loose when I'm feeding them. She gets bored quickly and lets me grab her when she's done. Effing chickens.

I also have two and a half cats. Two are mine, one I'm fostering for a friend until she gets her own place--tentatively until August. Oscar just finished up his Clavamox, which means he's also fortunately finished puking it up all over my pillow on a semi-regular basis. That, of course, means that it's time for my little grey kitty--aptly named Hell Cat--to run a fever and just look sad and pathetic in general. Yay, vet bills! Any guesses on what the dogs will be getting themselves into this weekend? Rabies perhaps?

only current affliction: a case of the uglies.
Robert and I had a long, stellar ride today. Sarah showed up just as I was starting to groom Bobby, so we headed up to the outdoor together. I like riding with people because I am so easily bored by myself and generally don't ride for very long. Even if I'm not really friends with them, it's still more exciting than circling around by yourself. So what normally would have been a half an hour arena ride that was possibly followed by a trail ride turned into an hour of awesomeness.

I did a solid thirty minutes of dressage work with a lot of cantering. Cantering in the outdoor is definitely our weakness. One of the ends slopes ever so slightly and Bobby sees it as an excellent excuse to swap leads behind. So we circled all over again and again. I focused on staying upright and not moving my upper body so much, and he focused on falling in on his shoulder and hanging on my inside rein. Thanks, Bobby. We kind of, sort of got it figured out so it wasn't a complete mess, but I scheduled a lesson with BO for Tuesday morning.

Even though I was in my dressage saddle, Sarah was jumping Blackberry so....I....jumped too. Slightly awkward, but totally doable. We spent the next twenty minutes jumping all the jumps. Tire jump, picket fence, 2'6 vertical, 2'9 vertical to the demon 2' pipe jump. Aaand we even jumped the coop twice!

this coop.
Now, I have a pretty bad/awkward habit of slipping my reins when I really shouldn't. I guess I'd rather take the back seat and let my horse have his head than fall on his neck and snatch his mouth, but it often makes for scrambling after jumps and being a hot mess for several strides. However, there are certain times it is appropriate. Like when Bobby tries to duck out, actually listens to me and climbs over it, trips and lands on his nose, gets his front feet tangled with each other, and then rights himself and carries on. Rein slippage and back seat riding equals Carly not splayed out on her face in the arena. Bonus!

I was trying so hard to make my position normal. I know I can jump, but I'm having such a hard time adjusting to Bobby. I think I've found what's going to work for us: A small loop in the reins with my hands high instead of buried in his whithers, heels waaaaay down, and a slightly forward light seat that I must hold upon landing. No bouncing back up halfway over the fence. And, of course, a very forward canter!! Rocket science, no? Sarah even accused me of looking like an Eq rider over a couple of jumps. Something to build on. She did offer to take pictures, but I didn't know how well dressage saddle jumping would turn out so I declined. Definitely Sunday at the latest though.


  1. Cuna likes Eq riders too. Just don't jump ahead whatever you do. Sounds like a fun ride.

    Boo on kitty troubles.

  2. Sounds like you had a great ride :) It's way more fun riding with someone else.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the kitty troubles...hope they get better soon. it breaks my heart to see them sick.

    Great riding stories.

  4. Falling on the face is no bueno! And as an eq rider there is nothing wrong with Eq riders :P


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