Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Break it down now.

I had a relatively fabulous ride today. A lot less drama llama-ing and a lot more cooperation. We spent the first fifteen minutes at the walk doing all sorts of fun things that got Mr Magee's wheels churning. Leg yields, walking straight down the quarter lines (so hard!), and a lot of counter bending in an attempt to straighten his sideways head out. I don't know what this sideways head thing is. We had a horse at school that flatted with his head literally stuck on sideways. He was one of our racehorses and he never did it when galloping, but anything slower and off to the side it would go. We never figured out what his issue was. We just assumed he was rolling the marbles around in his empty head.

deby doo! not the brightest tb on the track....
Anyway, the counter bend excerise that seemed to work the best was counter bend down the long sides and exaggerate the correct bend on the short sides. By the time we moved into the trot, I could give him a little half halt, shift my big booty, and ask him to bend in whatever direction I wanted anywhere in the arena I wanted. See? Sometimes walking is fun!

I worked him for another fifteen minutes, breaking down our dressage test into pieces and practicing them in various spots around the arena. Lots of trot to walk to free walk across the diagnol and back to walk and trot again. I reversed order for the trot to canter circles and started with the right, free walked across the diagnol, and did the trot to canter circles to the left and down the centerline from the left at C.

He still puts his periscope up every now and then, and he still gets quick when he gets flustered, but he is coming along soo well. If I can actually pull my head out of my ass long enough to participate in riding this Sunday, I think we'll actually go through a pretty nice test. Fingers crosssed!


  1. My cousins have a dog that perpetually has its head on sideways lol.

    1. lol I'm glad to know the retardedness spreads across species!

  2. We have a rat that has her head on sideways. Apparently it's an inner-ear infection. :S
    LOVE the exercise of counter-bend to correct bend.

    Oh, and Good Luck!

  3. Urg, Pippi use to go one direction with her head sideways. It drove me nuts. We did lots of bending work. Finally she is straight, most of the time. Bobby sure is cute tho.

  4. Dude wlaking straight down centerline is difficult!


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