Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do the Dew.

Turns out Bobby is a big fan of lukewarm Mountain Dew. He drinks it straight from the bottle. (To whoever left their almost empty Mountain Dew on the bleachers in the indoor, hope you didn't want to finish that!) If he gets a little lazy tomorrow, I'll have to spike his water Toddlers in Tiaras style.

most uninteresting picture ever.
waiting for the arena to be dragged.
I tried to get video of our ride uploaded, but Blogger no longer wants me to upload videos (or I'm just not patient enough to sit for six hours for them to upload) and youtube seems to think any video over half a second warrants at least an hour long upload. They weren't that interesting anyway.

I did a quick twenty minute tune-up ride first thing this AM and Bobby did everything I asked. I managed to sneak into the indoor without a lesson going on and that really helped. His canter was good, his trot was good, and there was a little tiny bit of stretching going on. His halts and downward transitions were especially awesome. I, however, need to get my fucking hands up and keep them there. I also need to shorten my reins about six inches so my hands don't have an excuse to sit in my lap.

Ride times tomorrow are 11:05 for Training 1 and 1:00 for Training 2. There are only six people in T1 and five in T2 so we'll definitely be getting ribbons. I'm not ashamed to admit it: I'm a ribbon whore.


1) Remember the tests without having a spaz attack that it will be my very first time in a standard arena especially since I'm the first Training rider to go!

2) Get some semblance of stretchy trot, even if it's only for one step.

3) Don't die of heat stroke.

That's all! Real dressage is hard work. I'm not holding out much hope we're not going to make complete asses out of ourselves.


  1. That photo reminds me of this:
    The dragon from Shrek!
    My horse used to love Sour Patch Kids. You just never know what they'll develop a taste for :P

    1. HAHAHA, I love it!! And yes, Sour Patch Kids are definitely one of the weirdest things horses like. Red's favorite cookie was the watermelon flavor.

  2. Good luck!!

    With Prince I always think it's weirder what he won't eat (since he eats about anything). He thinks that Subway Chocolate Chip cookies (parts w/o chocolate) are worse than bute, and he hates Nacho Dortitos even though he likes Cooler Ranch.

  3. Oh good luck tomorrow!!! I've never tried Dressage- It's always seemed to daunting. Major kudos!

  4. My mare won't eat peppermints but loves prezels! Hope the show was a success - looking forward to the full report!


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