Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Riding.

I tried to get a good confo shot of Bobby today, but he kept scooting his back legs under him and then giving me a sideways look like, "LOL."

"i iz not posing for you!"
I'd set him back up and shake the lead rope at him when he started to turn his head. He'd get distracted by something exciting on the ground.

"oh, it's just dirt."
After about ten tries, I gave up. Here's the best one, and that's not saying much:

"not listening!"
Oh, Robert. If you look closely, you'll see our newest hoof development: no more hind shoes. My awful foot news wasn't so much awful as downright frustrating. Bobby pulled his LH shoe Friday night which was grr-worthy, but not work-ending. I have no issues riding with a missing hind shoe and Bobby didn't take an ouchy step all weekend. After our trail ride Sunday, the other hind was clinking awfully, so I pulled it on Monday before riding. Still no ouchiness, so I decided to say eff it and just keep them off. Less money for me, and two less shoes for him to pull his front ones off with.

New Farrier had to have surgery on his back (par for the course for farriers, right?) and he'll be out for five more weeks. Bobby was due to get done this week and as I've discovered, he cannot go even a week over. So at the risk of angering NF who wants to be the only one working on him (understandably), I had to have Old Farrier do him yesterday. NF didn't know when he'd be able to get his fill-in up from Philly and with loose shoes and a show this weekend, it wasn't worth risking him not being able to get up here by Friday. I had OF leave Bobby barefoot behind and put clips on the fronts. Fingers crossed this combination will work until the end of the season when I can try to transistion him to barefoot again.

The indoor was getting watered and dragged when I pulled in which means I moved our dressage school to the outdoor. Never productive in the outdoor unless jumping, Bobby was a kind of a mess the whole ride. His trot work was so-so until the other horses left the arena and he focused more. His canter to the left was strong but rideable, and his canter to the right was downright awful. His simple changes were really nice at least. I put him on a circle at the trot and worked on loosening my reins bit by bit without him breaking rhythm and trying to canter. This actually worked better in the outdoor and he was doing really well with it. Some semblance of a stretchy trot to the right, and after a lot of work, a tiny bit to the left too.

I get bored with arena work pretty quickly on nice days, so we headed out for a quick trail ride after thirty five minutes.

Bobby power walked the whole way to get to our galloping hill. Pony Face is basking in his newfound ability to go faster than a crawl and as soon as I picked up my reins and we made the turn to the hill, he took off. Bad habits, I know, but he walked up it on our trail ride with Hubby so he's not uncontrollable or rude. He tore up it with zero urging and pulled himself back up to a walk when we got to the top. It was so much fun, I turned us around and did it again. It's not fitness work and it's really not accomplishing anything, but when I can fly up a big hill that's covered in turkeys and deer without worrying for a second about my horse spooking or bolting, it makes the gritted teeth, fights, and tears totally worth it.


  1. :D Bobby's galloping hill totally sounds like Cuna's. He can and will walk up it, but if you even whisper that we might get to run, he's there. So. Fun.

    It's totally fitness work. It makes me stay in two point.

  2. We have a galloping hill. No point for it other than just the joy of going fast. It's wonderful!

  3. Ok since this is like six months ago (I'm almoooost caught up!!!) I don't know if your still having hoof problems hopefully not! My suggestion is what if he had hoof boots when your riding him and barefoot when he's turned out etc, since it looks like he's turned out in good soft footing most of the year. That may not be conceivable for him and his specific feet, but it's just a suggestion!


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