Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mixed success.

I started Bobby off in the indoor for a dressage school. I was initally very pleased with how forward he was walking around, and then we started trotting and the forwardness turned to rushing. I insisted he keep his head down and go like the semi-fancy pants he's been during our walking rides and that seemed to defuse the pulling more than anything. Give his silly brain something hard to work on, and suddenly speed trotting isn't quite as fun or easy to do. I also did a lot of trot-halt transitions with him and some sitting trot when he started to really cruise along like an ass.

Our main battle, though, was straightness. There are mirrors at the end of the arena so I worked off the quarter line to see if Bobby could walk and trot a straight line down each long side. He could not. At least not easily. At the walk he went decently, but at the trot he wanted to drift in towards the rail or when I started trying to help him out straighten him out, he'd snake his neck and twist his head so he was wobbling all over the place. I did some leg yields with him at the walk to get him listening to my leg a little more and we finally trotted straight down once with a little help from me before calling it quits.

He wasn't great by any means, but it was a good work out on his major weaknesses. Plus, he had foamier lips than he's ever had before when we were done!

We worked twenty minutes in the indoor and headed out to the trail to do some hill work. We ran into a ton of wildlife. The turkeys seemed to be celebrating the end of hunting season and were flapping around in the tall grass like total asses. The first field we got to, one of them flew up right in front of Bobby who had to half rear/pirouette to avoid getting hit by it. I yelled out some obscenities as it flopped away, but Bobby marched on. He's not easily phased by things running him over.

our galloping track needs a mow.
We also saw quite a few deer that meandered off when we got too close. In one of the fields, what looked like an old lady deer (she had grey all around her head) walked off as we got to her and waited in the hedgerow for us to pass. When we came back out to go home, she was grazing with two fawns. Too adorable. She never once raised her tail or went faster than a walk, totally unconcerned by Mr Magee.

old mama deer.

do you see her?
We did a ton of trot work. Bobby wasn't too amped and I had to boot him on when we started out, but he eventually settled into a groove and we finished off with a really good forty minute hack. I slathered on some SWAT over a cut at the very edge of his eye. No clue where he got it from, but I felt a little sick thinking that less than half an inch closer and it would have been on his eye. No, thank you.

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