Friday, May 13, 2011


Hot DAMN, am I miserable right now. I am taking a much needed and probably long overdue several day break from the barn. Between the BO's diva gossip, the never-ending "blllaaaaaaahhhhh blah-blah blah" that comes out of CL's mouth as she shadows me around, and the moronic, whiny, spoiled, selfish, shit-head of a  child that uses my horse for her "lesson", I am totally and completely set to snuggle into my quilt on the couch with my kitties and doggies and watch t.v. in isolation for at least half a week.

Oh, and did I mention I am in excruciating pain? My left knee--my dear, old, permanently injured left knee--is swollen and stabbing, my right knee aches constantly, and my hip feels like it needs to be kicked back into alignment. My wrists hurt, my head hurts, and I am exhausted. "Stop whining!" you say. Well, poo on you. It's my blog and I can whine all I want. I have the body of an eighty year old, I'm PMSing, and right now I want no human interaction.

I just sent in my entry for the Plantation Field Starter Trial June 12 (ten days after my brithday!) for Red. No one tell him, lest his leg explodes. I'm hoping the chilly weather that just set in today after a week and a half of low-to-mid eighties will make his bald patches grow in. He's got them on his belly, flanks, and front legs. His neck is pretty much shedded out to its lovely copper color; hopefully the rest will follow.

Bobby has amazingly gotten several inquiries already. No lookers yet, though someone was supposed to come on Wednesday, but never called to confirm. I got an email yesterday from someone with a lovely lesson/training barn in KY, but no reply back from her either. The problem I am of course running into is that he is skinny, skinny, skinny so sending conformation pictures kills the deal. So I took him off of the two sites that were free. I couldn't bring myself to take him off the two that I paid for. Only $25-ish, but $25 could have bought me a new saddle pad. So I'm hoping he'll stay on the DL for just a bit longer until he packs on the pounds. He started the SmartGain Wednesday (and Red started the SmartTendon). Hopefully in two weeks he'll start looking acceptable. Red also took a great big chunk off hair off of his ass yesterday. His saddle pad sores are healing beautifully, and you can barely tell they're there anymore.

CL's daughter, who lessons once a week on Bobby, wanted to ride him in a local show Saturday, and I very tentatively said I'd think about it. I told CL's friend that if we went, we could use my trailer and her SUV. However, this was Tuesday. The trailer is sitting in the driveway with one wheel off waiting for enough money to order a new bearing for it, and I feel like punching anyone that tries to have human interaction with me. CL has tried calling twice already, and while it's a childish, selfish thing to do not picking up or calling back, I simply do not care. My horse, my trailer, my money. Suck it. Your daughter rides for shit anyway.

Speaking of money, I had to have my mom send my birthday money early so I could buy dog food and grain. That just makes me want to jump right up and spend a hundred bucks in gas driving to and fro and getting the wheel fixed before I need it. So that was $60-ish, the entry for Red was $90. I still need a white saddle pad, preferably a new helmet but not dire, and a whole lotta dough for fuel to get down there. Fortunately, my padre and brother are coming out after my brother's graduation from high school, and they should get here a day before my birthday, and he always gives me money. Yay for fuel!

I'll throw in a few pics, just to make this blog less torturous.

As high as I got.

Show off.

Starting to look really good!

Red escorting the hounds to the gamelands.

The puppies after a nice swim.

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