Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial weekend rides

First, I made another purchase. A girl I went to college went was selling a bunch of her unused stuff and I picked up a pair of rubber reins for $8. Holla. I love rubber reins. I really love rubber reins for under ten dollars. They should get here in the next day or two.

Saturday, I dragged Hubby out to the barn with me for a late afternoon trail ride. We mosied on down to the road lake for a swim. Along the way, big headed Magee walked directly into a scrubby tree hanging over the path while we were trotting next to Red. The tree hit him in the head, then swung back and got stuck on my leg, digging a big hole into and ripping off a bunch of skin. It's now bruised and killing me. Stupid horse. Who doesn't see a tree in front of him?? He came out fine, of course.

Both horses were totally fine walking into the water, but they both were snorty and looky at a stroller parked on the side of the road. Forget the river monsters--beware the missing babies. There were a few people out on a boat, but we stayed well away from them and the horses didn't seem to care very much.

Bobby was pretty silly the whole time. Not like, "omg I'm going to get bucked off" silly. Just "I need to get ridden more, you lazy cow" silly. He hadn't been out to the gamelands in at least a month, and he hasn't been ridden consistently for awhile now either. He's due for a gallop.

Yesterday, we were headed up to NY to get some bees from Hubby's padre, but we stopped so I could get Hubby to video my dressage test. I'll let the video speak for itself. Blah. Here are the things we need to work on: 1) Picking up the right lead. Helloooo, when did this happen?? It doesn't help I have alot of trouble telling if I'm on the correct lead or not. 2) Making circles circular. Maybe if he was on the correct lead, he'd be able to bend properly.

While I was cooling Red out, Hubby asked if I noticed the crack in his hoof. Huh? So I jumped off and there's a HUGE crack in his RH. I have NO idea how I missed it when tacking him up because it's fucking enormous. I'll grab a picture later. I'm going to wrap it to ride and get some turpentine to try to glue it together until I can afford the farrier Friday. Storm, the OTTB I sold in January, came in (as in, I bought him with) with a big crack, too. I had it cautered and hind shoes put on. Looks like I'll have to do the same with Red. GRRRRRR. As long as he stays sound. Puh-leeeeease stay sound!!

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