Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yay for supplements!

I've got a couple days to catch up on, but let me just say....YAY FOR SUPPLEMENTS! Red has been jumped, galloped, ridden down the road, and galloped some more and his RF is still tight and cool. He's been on the SmartTendon for two weeks and he is going to stay on it forever and ever. I am so happy with the results. Bobby has been on the SmartGain for two weeks as well, and I am definitely seeing a difference in weight. He's still thin, but he's gained more weight in these past two weeks than he has in the three months of me trying everything else. The alfalfa and Aloe Vera Juice are probably helping, too. We're moving in the right direction. Holla!
two week update

I long lined Bobby two days ago. I don't think he's done it since he was a yearling, but he picked it back up pretty quick and was a good boy. Then I took Red on a really long trail ride. Like, three miles each direction. We were out for about three hours. We did a lot of trotting and we walked half of the way back because it was sooooo fucking muggy out we were both dripping. (Guess who thought it'd be a good idea to throw the vest on for shits and giggles? Moron.) The plan was to ride out to where there are four hanging logs at one of the pull offs for the gamelands in varying heights. We got there just fine with minimal screaming (and no screaming after he got punched between the ears one time. Shut UP, Red!), but much to my dismay, the ground behind the logs was pure mucky swamp so we had to forego it. However, we got in a really strong gallop through lots of puddles with zero fuss, and then powered up a long but not too steep hill. That's when we started walking. I've realized I'm much better at keeping my gallop position A) on Red instead of Bobby, and B) going uphill instead of just flat. Should serve us well for what looks like a rolly Plantation. (Less than three weeks! Ahh!)
Yesterday, I lunged Bobby in side reins to warm up, then set up some tiny jumps for him. One was just a tiny cross rail and the other was a 2'3 vertical with ground poles set out to the end of the bottom of the standards on each side so he wouldn't get right on top of the jump before going over it. He didn't feel like jumping over the cross rail, but trotted and cantered over it fine. I raised that to a vertical and set the ground pole out further on that one, too. He jumped the smaller vertical fine at both the trot and canter. I only did the larger vertical at the trot, but he did really well over that one too. I should have left it at that, but of course I had to do the small one "one more time" at the canter. Well, then he didn't want to pick up his right lead. So that turned into a battle that I eventually won, we got over fine, and ended it there. He also tends to drift to the right just before and after the fence so I was once again working on straightness. He was soooo sweaty when we were done, so he got a nice cool bath.

I lunged Red w/t with side reins on pretty loose, then tightened them a little more. I jumped on him for about five minutes at the trot with the draw reins on to work on bending circles. he did ok. Not great, but not horrible. He was soaked with sweat under his girth and on his neck and flanks just after that. It was at least 85 and muggy as hell again.

Today, I set up a jump chute for both boys. Bobby has never done one before; Red has. I put one side up at 2'7 and the other on the ground. He went over that--not prettily, but he did go over. I raised the other side to the bottom rail of the fence and sent him through again. Nope. No way. He figured out how to dismantle the jumps and stepped over the now-ground pole. Dick.

Red went over all three levels just fine. He doesn't enjoy doing it, but he does it anyway. He even stops and let me grab him when he's done, unlike a certain big headed bay we all know and love. They both got hosed off after because it was 90 when I left for the barn at 11am. At least there was no humidity for once. I wanted to do my dressage test with Red again, but it was just way too hot for it. I need to start going much earlier or much later.

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