Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back for a visit to the barn

Sunday, Hubby and I stopped by the barn to drop off more grain while we were in the area fishing. Hubby also forked both boys about thirty pounds of hay while I refilled water buckets. Funny, BO had already fed PM feed at 4:30 and yet no one had any hay left, and neither of my horses had ANY water. Fabulous. NO wonder they look so great.

Yesterday, Hubby threw them some more hay when he went to pick up my too small saddle that I sold ($100--which will go to getting my little pig dog spayed the 31st). 

I finally went back today, thinking I was going to ride. By the time I got there though, it was pouring--like, the monsoon rains have come. So I gave both boys the groomings of their lives and finally shedded out Red. The only bald patch left it his RF where it's also really dandruff-y. I don't think I'm going to put anything on it; I'll just wash it with my normal Mane and Tail when he gets a bath. He's still kind of ribby, but he's definitely putting on weight easier than Bobby, and at least his coat is nice and shiny and soft.

It's getting to b countdown time for Plantation, but I'm confident Red will be ready and plenty fit for it. It's only a ST at BN.

Bobby's coat is really rough and gross. He's mostly shedded out, and he's really dandruff'y all over. When I was grooming his legs, I noticed his RF was enormous. No heat or any obvious cuts, but full of fluid. I took him into the washstall to scrub it down to see if I could see anything. Nope. There was runoff down just that hoof though, which made me think wound somewhere, so I sweated it. I also covered both wraps in chili powder in hopes his punk ass won't yank the bandages off in an hour. His saddle pad sores are about 85% healed, and his hair has kind of poofed up around where Red bit him on the butt.

I've made a plan of action for both horses feeding wise that I am absolutely going to stick to:

For Red: 8lbs Safe Choice/day. SmartTendon as his supplement. A huge pile of hay whenever I'm at the barn.
For Bobby: 12lbs Safe Choice. I really want to put him on the TC Senior, but I can't afford it. I'll used up his BL Pellets and U Gard for the rest of the month since I already have them, but I won't be ordering them again. He'll stay on the SmartGain 4. 60cc of Aloe Vera Juice a day. I bought a big jug today and it was so cheap, I'm definitely willing to give it a try. Around 5lbs of alfalfa cubes a day. I haven't weighed them yet, but that's about what it felt like. He'll also get a big pile of hay whenever I'm at the barn.

That's the best I can do for them for now. Hopefully it dries out eventually after all this rain and BO gets his head out of his ass and opens the paddocks. I'll go to the barn early and throw both boys put myself and he can bring them in. I just want to get weight on them!! I'm so sick of failing at making Bobby and Red look good. I know I'm working against the most important thing--turnout/fresh grass, which is making it that much harder, but I still want them to be fat and shiny!

Also while at the barn, I come home with a dog. A German Short-haired Pointer. Apparently the amish keep trying to ditch him at BO's farm, he keeps taking it back, and on and on. So I'm a huge sucker and told BO I'd take him. He's currently passed out on the couch next to me with his head on my lap. I think he's a little older. He's really mellow for a GSP, and his greying around his muzzle. Might just be his markings though. He's really thin--even for a GSP--although after he got some food into him, he looked better. He also has a mostly-healed massive scar around his throat like his collar (which he didn't have on) was way too tight. He's super, super friendly, and aside from being really clingly and not wanting my two girls to come between me and him, he's really good with the other two. He's also afraid of the cats, which I prefer over being too nosy. He is not, however, nuetered. And one of my girls isn't spayed until the 31st, as mentioned before. I don't know if I'll keep him. Hubby doesn't even know I about him yet. I might just take him down to the SPCA. They're a no-kill, really friendly, and good a placing dogs. As a purebred, he shouldn't have any problems finding a home.

Let me also share to you why Red does not get Lickits if they don't hang from the ceiling. Really, no words are needed for explanation. Although I will tell you how much time elapsed between the two pictures: five minutes. Max.

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