Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I mean, really. How do these things happen?

A quick summary of yesterday: I glued Red's foot with turpentine and wrapped it, then took Bobby for a canter around the hay field where the path is mowed. It was 7pm and 95 degrees out, so we only did a lap and a half before calling it quits. While we were finishing off, a creepy old dude drove by in his white car with white interior and a white Westie in the front seat and yelled out, "That's a good looking pair! Let me drive with you so I can give you a speed." Uhh, no thanks, creeper. Of course, Bobby's extremely rare competitive side kicked in and he tried hauling my arms out to race the car. Thanks, dude. Very helpful. Do you want to walk my horse out for the next hour now?

I got to the barn early today because Bobby NEEDED to be galloped. 86 degrees at 9am, but it wasn't quite as muggy as yesterday and there was a teeny tiny breeze, so we were going out. Period.

He power walked the whole way out to the gamelands, then immediately picked up a real gallop when asked which he usually never does. After a few strides of him trying to gallop over the knee high grass instead of through it, he straightened out. Then, he had to decide what lead he wanted to be on a switch over, then he had to remember that the back end does indeed connect to the front end and his hind legs should probably be on the same lead as his front ones.

We powered through there at a really strong gallop. Like, two minute licking for four minutes (I timed it this time. Yes, I can stay in half seat with short stirrups for long enough to get through a course. Thank goodness.). Just as we were going through kind of a tunnel of trees on each side to the final field, a deer blew out directly in front of us. She was a smaller doe all by herself, and she ran RIGHT UNDER BOBBY'S NECK! Bobby threw up his head and hesitated for a stride, then carried on like, "Whatever. Moving on. Deer run into me all the time." I, however, let out a rather loud "HOLY SHIT!!!" Then, if that wasn't fun enough, just as we entered the field, a bird got stuck in the tall grass directly beneath Bobby's feet. Bobby cocked an ear down at it and proceeded to tromple it to death. Better the bird than me.

He pulled up well and we walked back past that field and the trees to catch our breaths, than trotted home. Poor pony was soaked. He looked like he'd been hosed down he was so sweaty. I jumped off when the barn came into sight and undid his girth and breastplate and walked him the rest of the way home, He kept jigging to get back so he obviously wasn't about to keel over.

The new boarder was just finishing up bathing her too cute yearling paint filly, so Bobby got walked in a small circle in the shade while we waited for her. I hosed him off and scraped him three times before taking him out to walk again. He actually wasn't breathing hard or really in distress or anything--just hot from the hot weather. He cooled out really, really quickly. I gave him one more hose down just to keep him cool, then took Red out.

I wrapped Red's foot to lunge him so it wouldn't get worse, but I only got about ten minutes of trot and canter to the left before it ripped off. Urghghg, Friday get here already so Bill the Farrier can come patch it up! No more missed rides!

While I was cleaning up, BO came in and said he'd unlocked the paddocks and mowed the border so I could turn my guys out if I wanted. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I immediately put their fly masks on and chucked them out before he changed his mind. It was hot and buggy, but there's great grass out there and it's turnout!!!! I think they'll learn to suck it up.

They walked right in and dropped their heads right at the gate and didn't move at all. I think the new boarder's comment, "So I WILL see her outside tomorrow, right?" finally knocked some sense in BO.

Josie--the new hoss.

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