Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diastrous Bobby times.

Yesterday, I rode Red on a nice, loose rein for about twenty minutes at the walk, then did a little relaxed canter. He was perfect at it, and I think he was happy to get out again. Today, I did a w/t warm up, then trotted him over four ground poles leading up to three trot strides to a 2'3 vertical. He could barely make himself get over it. After all, we were just bounding over giant piles of logs. Who needs these pathetic little stadium jumps. I took him over it a few times, then did some cantering and put him away. He wasn't lame in the slightest, but his leg is still hot and swollen around that cut. I sweated it again, and I guess I'll just keep sweating it until it goes down.

Now, for Bobby. Yesterday, he was outside grazing in between the barn and arena while I was riding Red and he got some serious sillies out. I put Red out there to graze while I got Bobby ready, and when I led him out, he was short in his RF. I jumped on him anyway and did one lap at the walk, and he was still short. So I wrapped him and put him away....and he walked to his stall totally fine. Sound suspicious?

Then, CL calls me for her daughter's lesson and was like, "Do you want him ridden with his wraps on or his boots?" No "Is he lame? Is it ok if he gets ridden?" Ugh. So I told her he seemed a little off that morning, but to have their trainer take a look at him and if she thought he was fine, they could take it easy with him. I forgot to tell her about using a different pad for the sores on his withers, so I called her back and she seemed totally confused about who she was talking to. Uh, did we not just speak TWO seconds ago?? I told her to use "my white show pad". I have that one, a brown one, a purple one, and a red one. She then calls me back to ask if it's the white one with fleece, or the red one that's white on the inside. Really? Calls me back again to say that trainer that he just looked sore and would benefit from some stretching trot. Ok. Fine. Wrap him after. No problem.

Today, I get there and he's got one wrap off and the other sooo tight around his leg from him tugging on it that it's got a bow. I guess it's my fault for saying to wrap him since I KNOW he doesn't like to get wrapped, but I was still pissed.

I've had one other horse do this one other time from being wrapped too tight, so I know it's nothing to freak out over. I tacked him up with polos. He walked out short again, took two steps at the walk lame when I got on, then trotted out miraculously sound when I cracked him on the shoulder with the whip. Surprise! Red used to do this to me when I first got him. "I'm soooo lame. I can't pooossibly be ridden. I neeeeed to go back to my stall!" And once you turn them loose, viola! Perfect. Dicks. So I warmed him up at the trot for about five minutes, then started over again at the walk.

I did the same exercise with him as I did with Red--trot poles to small vertical. He was good the first couple times, then started jumping HUGE, even though I was giving him great spots. So I decided to work him over a different vertical, still 2'3, so we could focus on just the fence. ENORMOUS jumps, really, really strong up to it at both the trot and canter, and REALLY strong cantering out. I was not pleased at. all. So each time he landed, we did several circles at the canter at the end of the arena.

Then, we moved on to just cantering up to it, and he didn't want to pick up his left lead. So I'd try to bring him back down to get him to pick up the correct lead, and he wouldn't stop. At. All. So I'd have to stop him by turning him into the fence. Ughghghgh. He FINALLY got the idea and picked it up well each time, then plowed through my half halts--my huge, sawing on the reins half halts--after each fence. So we moved on to trying to stop before we ran into the fence. He barely got it each time, and this is a 300' long arena with the jump set about 45' in. So he had 255' to stop (yes, I did have to use the calculator for that.). I finally got so sick of fighting him, I made him trot over the ground pole, then stop in three strides. Done. Barely. I ended it there. And, his leg went back down to normal.

I don't know what got into him. Maybe just not being worked hard enough? Too much grain? (Which I will have cut down to more than half in a week.) I don't know. Maybe he got word that he was getting put up for sale and wanted to make it as hard as possible for me. I'm going to ask CL's trainer if she does training rides next Tuesday when she comes for their lesson. He needs to go. I don't want to work with him anymore, I don't want/need a lower level horse, and I think he'd be best suited for a kid to work with. He seems to do better for them. Once he gains some weight, which will hopefully be a only month with the new supplement, he's going up for sale.

Here are current confo shots of both boys:

Obviously still more weight to gain, but they're getting there. Especially Red.

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