Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Officially official

Bobby is now back in full, unlimited work. We've returned to all Second level work, and we're on week two of jumping 2'6" without holding back to only three or four efforts. On Wednesday, he'll have hit eight weeks of being in his wide-web, aluminium, rocker toe, wedge shoes (without ever pulling them while gallivanting around in his field which he does on the daily--so yay, being barefoot did help his feet get healthy in that regard, but also yay having a farrier that doesn't fuck your horse's feet up!) and will be transitioned to something with less bells and whistles. Farrier's goal is to get him down to a plain old flat aluminium shoe the cycle after this.

As I started putting pieces of real work back into his schedule and he never took an off step, there didn't seem to be a point to throwing the brakes on everything. Had he ever come up sore or swollen anywhere, I would have backed down. 

But he didn't. He's sound, his legs are cold and tight, and his feet haven't been even remotely ouchy. He's sticky to the right which is his tell that he needs to see his chiro, who should be out some time next week. 

going to be bummed if i have to buy even more
bell boots in a new size to accommodate no more high heels

I was bugging Farrier last week about him (again), and she just shook her head and still couldn't give me any possible diagnosis that would explain why he went so instantly sound the day he got shoes on. As we take away the degree of the wedge, we'll see if it effects him at all. The x-rays showed that the angle of his coffin bone was wonky as shit, so maybe the lift in his shoes relieved pressure inside his foot. If he goes lame, we'll go back to fancy shoes, no big deal.

In the meantime though, let's move on to fun things!

I dragged Hubby out Saturday evening to get some jump school video because no one in their right mind could want more than two weekends in a row of flat school footage (lol jk, I could, but do it for the blog, right?).

rivaling emma for screen caps of questionable quality

Perhaps even more surprising than having Bobby plopped back into jump land is having me plopped back into jumping land. Like, you guys, remember that time I was fucking terrified as fuck to jump fences...for like eight months? And wasn't that like...three months ago?!

Yeah, over it. 

I mean, I feel completely fucking silly for ever being afraid to jump. What even was my deal? Just add leg and if you need to half halt, your horse is beautifully trained so do it. He won't stop, he won't bolt, he'll just go over the jump.

Of course, that's easy to say now after those eight months of BM boot camp where she basically retrained my horse over fences and gave me multiple therapy sessions every single week. Hard work pays off, both mentally and physically, and I feel super focused and able to think over jumps now. Bring on next year!

I didn't set up a full course or anything when we got there Saturday because I didn't want to torture Hubby any more than I already was. I straightened out the few jumps that were already mostly set up: a 2'9" vertical on the diagonal (see second video), a 2'6" oxer on the quarter line, a 2'3" two stride on the other diagonal, and a 2' vertical off of a circle (see first video).  

It took some engine revving to get Bobby cooking because I'd snagged him in the parking lot as he was being brought in for dinner so he wasn't exactly pleased to be hanging out with me. The green jump was off a sharp turn off the wall which is the exact opposite of what we worked on for so long--hunter courses with their full long side arena approaches (which I'm crediting to fixing my brain the most). This was a big issue with the burgundy line. The turn into the line taking the gate first was super sharp and tricky, and Bobby was having a hard time getting it into his head that he would turn and BAM there was the fence nowgojumpgo. 

We'd either jump in awkwardly, or twice he puttered to a stop in front of it like, "Whaaa-? Where did this come from?" I finally grabbed a whip, trotted up to it, and gave him one spank behind the leg as he started dying out. That got his attention and we were good to go from there. Well, once I dropped the whip again.  

It was obvious where our weak spots are right now. I started off being really lazy with my position. I was consciously aware of my heel creeping up over the first few fences, and I was like, "That's stupid. If you know you're doing, you can damn well stop doing it." So I did. My leg is solid as shit over fences. Laziness is the only reason it should ever be swinging. 

Mostly though, it was apparent how little course work we've done all year. Bobby would jump one jump and then think he was done and needed snacks and petties before he could move on. Yeah, no. I really had to ride him hard on landing from one jump to the next in the first half, but once we started stringing things together with frequency, he caught on. And then he got snacks and petties.

When I first got on, I did think the vertical and the oxer looked a little daunting, but once we started jumping, they didn't faze me in the slightest. I would have had no qualms about raising them, but this was only our second weekend where we did more than one or two jumps one or two times apiece, and I didn't want to push too fast. We have all winter to be stuck in the indoor practicing over bigger jumps.

Sarah didn't get Pongo video, but Hubby did on Sunday so stay tuned for that story!


  1. Yay for sound Bobby!! So excited for you guys 😁

  2. Dude- this is awesome. Yay soundness, and yay jumping!

  3. I'm so glad he's feeling better, and you're back to jumping wonderfully!

  4. So freaking happy for you two.

  5. I can't even explain how incredibly freaking AWESOME this post is! From confidence issues to lameness and now back to slaying 2'9" <3 <3 <3

  6. You've gone from my comfort level to horrifying me seemingly overnight. Also, can I have your lower leg, please?

  7. I'm so proud of you getting over your fear of jumping!

  8. You guys look great over the jumps, so clam and steady.

  9. So happy for both of you!! I really hope I have a spontaneous recovery of my confidence like this soon :)

  10. This is so awesome. So so awesome. After breaking my leg I was all nervous to jump again.... But then when shit actually went sideways and we started crashing and falling and whatnot, suddenly it was like "no time for fear girlfriend, make this happen." So funny how it works like that. Maybe the non consensual break was exactly what you needed to remember wanting to do it?!?

  11. Yay! Back at it, AND feeling confident! Woohoo!


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